Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick? The 5 Best Places To Buy

If you’re looking for Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick but are unsure of where to find premium goods at affordable costs, look no further. We suggest 5 Places including Selfridges Website, Harveynorman Website, Saksfifthavenue Website, Hermes Website, and Hermes Store. Let’s read our post to find out more about the 5 best places to know Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick

About the Hermes Brand

Hermès is a famous fashion brand 183 years old, a prestigious and familiar name for discerning fashionistas. When it comes to Hermès, people will probably think of luxury handbags with expensive prices up to hundreds of millions of dong. Not only stopping at fashion, but the Hermès brand has also entered the beauty field with many popular high-end products such as perfume, shower gel, and shampoo… but has never launched any makeup products.

Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick

Other famous fashion brands such as Dior, Chanel, YSL, and Gucci…have encroached on the field of beauty with makeup products for quite some time. It wasn’t until last year that Hermès officially launched its first lipstick line called Rouge Hermès

And with its popularity and luxury, Hermès lipstick has captivated fashionistas, especially women, with its luxurious-smooth elegance that is not inferior to any brand. If you are intending to own a genuine Hermès lipstick that is “hottest” today, let’s find out the details and Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick right away.

Introduction of the Hermes Lipstick:

The product claims to provide an “intense, long-lasting color,” a “velvety, powdery finish,” and to be “comfortable” and “hydrating.” Although more semi-opaque and buildable than totally opaque coverage in a single application, the colors I tested offered decent color coverage in a single coat. The majority of the hues were merciless; they accentuated lip texture, sank into creases, separated along lip lines, and snagged on blemishes. They have a smooth, velvety substance that is very lightweight and thin.

When applied, the texture was pleasant and relaxing, however after a while, it had a sticky feel, and I did not find the recipe to be particularly moisturizing. Most of them didn’t appear dry, but I thought one hue was.

Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick

The darkest color I used, Rose Velours, wore for four to six hours before leaving behind a stain (but was the one that felt a little drying). While being worn, there was a lovely, pink perfume that tasted somewhat soapy and smelled more like a fresh rose. With a delicate tug, the twist-up lipstick component may be taken out of each refillable case. When I removed the refillable portion, the mechanism that twisted the lipstick up and down appeared to be made of plastic.

When I removed the refillable portion, the mechanism that twisted the lipstick up and down appeared to be made of plastic, while the cylindrical tube appeared to be made more of metal than plastic. I’m not sure if the entire product is plastic-free or just the holder.

Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick?

1. The official Hermes Website

The homepage of a branded product is undoubtedly the first thing you will see when searching for it. Because the price paid for a branded item is not inexpensive, purchasing any branded item needs credibility and confirmation of the item’s quality. The official Hermes website is the first location we want to expose you to while asking about Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick.

This is the brand’s main website, where you can discover the majority of its matte, gloss, cream, and lipstick ranges. On this website, you may order anything made by Hermes, including bags, shoes, and even lipstick. . You are guaranteed quality when you shop on the site, and you also get free shipping. What is superior to that?

2. The Hermes Store

The second place that I would recommend to you is definitely the Hermes store. If you have the opportunity to go to the store to try on lipstick in person and receive advice from Hermes staff, what could be better? Choosing an expensive lipstick like the Hermes brand is really not easy, it takes a lot of consideration and I’m sure you don’t want to buy an expensive but unsatisfactory lipstick.

Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick

Whether buying on an online website or buying at a store, I think they are all great and especially the reputation of the quality of the product is guaranteed. But remember to be comfortable when going to the Hermes store, please contact to book an appointment because you know, Hermes is a very high-end brand and not everyone can afford to shop here as comfortably as the average. shopping mall.

If going directly to the store is difficult for you, you can buy it at the small Hermes stores in the mall or through the sale that specializes in hunting Hermes products at a good price.

3. Selfridges Website

Selfridges Website

Give a Hermes lipstick set to someone who enjoys makeup—or get one for yourself—to freshen up your collection. You may discover new favorites with these sets, which are available in a range of colors and finishes. They also come in gorgeous tubes that are reminiscent of vintage jewelry and cosmetics, which makes me think of the time when lipstick containers were used as decorative pieces. We also offer limited-edition goods and Selfridges-only items in our inventory. So the Selfridges website, which usually has thousands of different kinds of makeup, is the second location we suggest you buy Hermes Lipstick.

4. Saksfifthavenue Website

Saks Fifth Avenue is the go-to place for luxury fashion, and it’s on a mission to let its consumers express themselves with stylish pieces that are both current and motivating. We have provided one-of-a-kind shopping experiences since our founding in 1924, offering a carefully chosen selection of apparel and highly individualized customer service. For seamless, all-channel shopping, our distinctive strategy combines a focus on the digital customer experience with a solid connection to a network of 41 exceptional shops across North America.

Formerly a clearance store for Saks Fifth Avenue, subsidiary Saks Off 5th is now a sizable off-price retailer that is run by HBC separately from Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks Fith Avenue is also a reputable website to buy Hermes Lipsticks and you will be satisfied with the quality of the products.

5. Harveynorman Website

Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick

Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick? The last place we suggest to you is the Harveynorman website. I have to say that Harveynorman.com is a website that sells everything I need from home appliances, electronics, kitchenware, beds, and furniture to cosmetics, cosmetics, skin care,… . Unbelievable right? Everything you can think of in the family is at Harvey Norman. And sure enough, they are a website that sells Hermes lipsticks that are indispensable in the Where To Buy Hermes Lipstick list.


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