The Best Hermes Lipstick Review- The most detailed overview of this lipstick line

When it comes to Hermes, most people immediately think of expensive crocodile leather handbags or stylish fashion items that only the elite can afford. However, recently, I was very surprised when this company released a very hot Hermès rouge lipstick collection, making beauty followers excited. I am also looking forward to holding this super product in my hands and it is detailed Hermes Lipstick Review right here in this article!

About the Hermes Hermès rouge lipstick brand

Hermès – is a famous fashion brand for fashionistas because it is an extremely old fashion brand, with a history of 183 years. When it comes to this brand, people will immediately think of expensive handbags with prices up to hundreds of millions of dong and more. And when you see someone holding a Hermes bag, you will admire it, surely many other friends will too, right?

Hermes Lipstick Review

If mentioning other famous fashion brands such as Chanel, Dior, and YSL … have been encroaching on cosmetics for a long time, this year, Hermès has just launched a lipstick product line called Rouge Hermès. Of course, when a brand that is a symbol of luxury launches lipstick, beauty believers cannot ignore it. And how proud it would be to own something 100% auth of this cult brand, right? Because the price of Hermes lipstick is not too much. Let’s find out more about this hot product line on the market!

Detailed Hermes Lipstick Review on the market

Since its launch on the market until now, Hermès lipstick has received a lot of attention from women because of its luxurious design, diverse colors, personality, and beautiful smooth lipstick that any girl wants. own. Born in the same period as Gucci, Hermes lipstick is not inferior but is well-received by many women. So are Hermes rouge lipsticks really good? On this Hermes Lipstick Review in detail for you right here:

1. About Hermes rouge lipstick design:

According to our Hermes Lipstick Review, I think Hermès lipstick has a luxurious and classy design that will give you a completely new feeling. Each lipstick includes a white paper box with lipstick information, followed by a Legendary orange box, in an orange box the lipstick is wrapped in another cloth bag. Unique design with a combination of 3 diverse colors helps create a unique Hermès character. This seemingly simple color combination brings its own charm and uniqueness that no other company has done. It is generally meticulously designed and very thorough.

Hermes Lipstick Review

Son holds a very heavy hand firmly, the type of lipstick with a magnetic cap. The end of the lipstick has a beautiful brand logo engraved on it. In general, the 10/10 packaging design has nothing to complain about.

The lipstick shell has 3 colors: the cap is white, and the body has 2 other colors from elegant tones such as black, and gold to distinctive tones such as orange, yellow, green, and blue… These colors will create reminiscent of the colorful handbags that make up the Hermès brand.

Hermes Lipstick Review

One of the points that make the class and sophistication of the Hermès rouge lipstick is the design of its signature black-orange paper box. Just by looking ig at this paper box, you can identify this world luxury brand. In addition, the brand name and logo are also engraved on the top of the lipstick cap and lipstick, creating a unique value for the product.

2. About the lipstick palette

Hermès lipstick has all 24 colors spread with different colors from pink, red to orange, and plum. They are inspired by 900 leather patterns and 75,000 silk colors. So the colors are pretty basic and easy to use. In particular, if you like personality, you can also combine and choose to transform into many different styles.

3. About Hermes’ rouge lipstick color

Rouge Hermès has 24 colors, 14 of which are satin and 10 are matte. Therefore, even if you have dry lips, you can still choose a lipstick color that is both beautiful and comfortable, not dry like other lipsticks.

In addition, Hermès also launched other product lines such as Hermès Poppy Lip Shine, Hermès Lip Balm Care, lip liner, and lipstick brush. If you have enough money, buy the entire collection for yourself. Personally, I use 2 colors 64 Matte Rouge Casaque and 75 Satin Rouge.

Hermes Lipstick Review

  • Color 64 Matte: the label says it’s bright red, and the matte finish is very soft on the lips, not too dry. But the red color of this Hermes rouge still has a hint of Pink when you apply a thin layer on the bottom of the lips. If you hit your full lips, oh my god, it’s bright red and bright in the morning light. Too pretty. When I hit full lips, I don’t have pink anymore. It’s a matte lipstick, but it’s just a bit matte, the color is beautiful and the quality is super.
  • Color 75 satin: this is a pretty burnt orange lipstick. The satin should be very smooth, much more nourishing

4. Cons of Hermes rouge lipstick

Despite possessing many outstanding advantages of our Hermes Lipstick Review list above, Hermès lipstick still has slight minus points such as:

  • With a white lid design, it will be easy to get dirty, so you must store it carefully.
  • Although the color palette has up to 24 colors, most of them are red, orange pink; If you love personality colors like purple, blue, and brown… then this will not be the collection for you.

This Hermès high-end lipstick will surprise many of you not only in its color and design but also in the price. Unlike other fashion accessories, this time the lipsticks from this world-class luxury brand have an extremely “cheap” price with a price range of about $67. Totally worth the money to buy.


Besides Hermès lipstick, the company will also launch other products in the near future such as Poppy Lip Shine, Lip Balm Care; Universal Lip Pencil. Depending on the color of the lipstick, the price may also be different. You should choose to buy lipstick at genuine stores nationwide or the Hermes official website, and avoid buying fake products. Thank you for reading our Hermes Lipstick Review and see you later!

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