The 10 Best Selling Hermes Lipstick Review of 2022

Hermès is a brand familiar to luxury fashionistas. “Premium” does not seem to be enough to show the flashiness that this fashion brand brings. Besides expensive clothes and fashion accessories. Hermès is also known for its luxurious lipsticks. Easily capture the hearts of women. Let’s read the Best Selling Hermes Lipstick review below:

Why are Hermès lipsticks selling well?

The first impression of Hermès lipstick is the standard lipstick color right from the first time. The lipstick is smooth like butter and glides on smoothly on the lips. Feels light, comfortable, and not sticky. Lipstick combined with moisturizing formula keeps lips full and attractive. Therefore, even though they belong to the Matte lipstick line, the Hermès lipsticks still keep the necessary moisture on the lips. Does not cause dry lips, create lip grooves, does not create lip lines, or does not cause chapping, or peeling of lips.

Best Selling Hermes Lipstick

Sharp, moist lipstick lines on the lips perfectly. The smooth, velvety finish of Hermès Matte helps the lipstick to last on the lips. At high concentrations, its pigments release their imprint in a single application.

The 10 Best Selling Hermes Lipstick Review of 2022

1. Hermès 75 Rouge Amazone lipstick

Best Selling Hermes Lipstick

Hermès 75 Rouge Amazone lipstick has a brick red color that favors warm tones. This Best Selling Hermes Lipstick was created by Hermès in 1894, for the white horses of the Chinese Empress Cixi. A lightweight satin lipstick, Hermès Satin has an ultra-smooth texture. The smooth lipstick delivers vibrant and long-lasting color, leaving lips softer and more harmonious.

2. Hermès 68 Rouge Bleu Classic Red Lipstick

Intense and aristocratic, Rouge Bleu catches the light like a jewel, with a hint of seductive magenta. Son Hermès 68 brings a mysterious beauty to create a high-class and luxurious temperament of modern ladies.

3. Hermès 21 Rose Epice

Best Selling Hermes Lipstick

Rose Épicé evokes sensual beauty with natural tones of terracotta. Hermès 21 lipstick is a new and beautiful terracotta pink that makes the girls extremely curious and cherished.

4. Hermès 85 Rouge H wine red

Best Selling Hermes Lipstick

Created in 1925, Rouge H is an iconic shade of the Hermès house. Hermès 85 is a very elegant dark red with a hint of brown, turning into a mysterious burgundy. Versatile color gradations blended wonderfully, Best Selling Hermes Lipstick offers an ecstatic burgundy color.

5. Hermès 33 Orange Boite lipstick stands out

Orange Boite is the Best Selling Hermes Lipstick color of the brand’s signature box since 1942. Son Hermès 33 has a youthful orange color that attracts all eyes. As a new symbol of beauty with a bit of boldness, standing out in the middle of the familiar red lipstick forest.

6. Hermès 11 Beige Nature lipstick in nude pink

Best Selling Hermes Lipstick

Hermès 11 with a combination of Naturel beige, pink and tan tones. Hermès 11 nude pink is the most Western lipstick in the Hermès Matte lipstick collection. Create a liberal, dreamy look that is rare. This Best Selling Hermes Lipstick color will be most suitable for girls with white skin tones.

7. Hermès 48 Rose Boise lipstick in rustic pink

Rose Boisé has a gentle, delicate rosewood color. The lipstick has the scent of forest fruits, surely Hermès 48 will satisfy the most fastidious girls. This is one of the Hermès Matte lipsticks that are popular with Western European girls.

8.  Hermès 64 Rouge Casaque lipstick bright red

Best Selling Hermes Lipstick

Rouge Casaque is a signature red that stands out and is extremely radiant. Hermès 64 is inspired by the clothes worn by horsemen. The highlight of this lipstick lies in the bright red color that brings out the haughty beauty and power of the modern woman.

9. Hermès 46 Rouge Exotique lipstick coral orange

Best Selling Hermes Lipstick

A lipstick with vibrant and vibrant colors, Rouge Exotique embodies the fresh, radiant beauty of freshly pressed pomegranate. Hermès 46 lipstick brings the beauty of orange with a hint of pink, bringing the gentle, elegant coral-orange color of the new generation of ladies.

10. Hermès 53 Rouge Orange lipstick

Brighten up for a gorgeous look, and highlight with Rouge Orange lipstick. The harmonious, luxurious, and youthful orange-red color blends perfectly like the flame color of bright red lipstick. Son Hermès 53 is one of the most “worth buying” lipsticks in the Hermès Matte lipstick collection.

Where to buy Hermès lipstick? How much does it cost?

To buy genuine Hermès lipstick, you can go to the shopping centers, where you can be completely assured of the quality of the product without worrying about encountering fake and poor-quality goods. Besides, you can order through reputable portable shops or on the Hermes official website. The price of each Hermes Lipstick varies from 60$ to 70$.


High-value lipsticks like Hermès are always carefully packaged, exuding a luxurious aura from the simplest things. Rouge Hermès is a complete lipstick collection dedicated to the beauty of your lips. The lipsticks designed by Pierre Hardy possess an extremely delicate and poetic beauty. We hope that this article can give you some ideas about the top 10 Best Selling Hermes Lipstick. Thank you for reading and see you later!

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