How to get lipstick out of clothes with 5 simple tips

Lipstick is a necessary thing for women. Unfortunately, a few slip-ups will result in lipstick stains on clothing. Because lipstick stains might leave behind two stains, this is quite awful. They are difficult to clean and nearly impossible to conceal because they are oil-based and vividly pigmented. How to get lipstick out of clothes?

Fortunately, there are several goods and techniques that can be used to handle it, all of which may be made from items you already have at home or that are simple to get from the market. To stop the lipstick from soaking further into your clothing, you should also treat the stain as quickly as you can. Before using the techniques listed below, be sure that contact with the substances we are about to supply won’t have a negative impact on your clothing.

Let’s discover how to get lipstick out of clothes with lipstickbr!

How to get lipstick out of clothes

1. Dishwashing liquid

Due to the oil-based nature of lipsticks, dishwashing liquid’s detergent qualities have the power to utterly destroy them. Dishwashing soap offers a mild cleaning effect and won’t rip through clothes. This technique is therefore appropriate for delicate, thin fabrics. Any lipstick stain on clothing, whether it is new or dried, can be eliminated using dishwashing liquid components.

Dishwashing liquid

Follow these steps to get lipstick stains off clothing:

  • To start, carefully scrape off the lipstick stains from the fabric with a spatula. Put the lipstick-stained clothing face down on a fresh towel after that.
  • On the opposite side, add a little amount of dishwashing liquid and let it sit for around 10 minutes.
  • The stain should next be lightly pressed with a towel or paper towel. This will assist in transferring the lipstick stain from the fabric to the towel beneath. To prevent the lipstick stain from returning to the garment, take careful not to soak the stain for an excessively lengthy time.
  • The water jacket should be completely rinsed and wrung out.

2. Baking soda

To get rid of various stains, including lipstick stains, you can also use natural materials found in the kitchen. Generally speaking, these natural remedies are gentle and safe for use on the majority of materials. In this article, we’ll show you how to remove lipstick stains using baking soda, the “national” cleaning agent that is always included in the most useful women’s cleaning advice. Baking soda can make white clothing look brand new and swiftly erase lipstick stains from clothing.

Baking soda

The process is the same as when washing with water:

  • Wet the stain and then immediately cover it with baking soda.
  • Baking soda should be used to the stain after scrubbing for around 15 minutes.
  • As usual, wash in clean water and detergent.

3. Hairspray

You might not be aware of this, but hairspray works wonders at getting lipstick out of garments. Lipstick stains on clothing can be removed with the aid of hairspray with alcohol. However, some fabrics might not work well with this technique. Before you begin, make sure the laundry symbol is present on the clothing. How to get lipstick out of clothes? This is also an equally effective way when you want to remove lipstick stains.


Follow these steps to remove lipstick stains from clothing with hairspray:

  • Start by directly applying hairspray to the lipstick stain on your clothing.
  • After letting it soak for roughly 10 minutes, gently wipe away the lipstick stain with a clean, wet towel.
  • Finally, apply more water and massage the stain. The next step is to apply dishwashing liquid if there are any remaining lipstick stains.

4. Alcohol

Because using alcohol can cause the color of the garment to fade, this method is the most effective at getting rid of lipstick stains on white clothing. Lipstick stains should only be removed with alcohol from white shirts because it will fade from colored clothing. All you have to do is:

  • On a cotton ball, put some alcohol.
  • When the lipstick stain is entirely gone and gone, dab onto it and allow the lipstick stain slowly soak into the cotton pad.
  • After giving the stain a thorough soap and water wash, you’re done.


Additionally, white wine can be used to get lipstick out of garments. Because alcohol is an alcohol, it is simple to remove lipstick stains from clothing without affecting the fabric’s integrity. All you have to do is:

  • Pour or soak the white wine on the problem region first, then leave it on for three to five minutes.
  • Next, gently clean the surface of the garment with a soft-bristled brush that has been dipped in alcohol. If the lipstick is sticky and challenging to remove, scrub multiple times.
  • The clothing should then be washed and allowed to air dry before use. The scent of alcohol on the clothing can be entirely eliminated with fabric softener.

5. Make-up remover

How to get lipstick out of clothes? Make-up remover is also an effective method for you. You must be surprised when makeup remover is listed on the list of items that can remove lipstick stains on clothes. But actually makeup remover is more effective than you think. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the fabric to help remove all lipstick stains on clothes.

Make-up remover

It’s very simple to do as follows:

  • Turn clothes that have lipstick stains on them inside.
  • On the lipstick stain on the shirt, use a sufficient amount of makeup remover oil by spraying or pouring it on.
  • Use a soft brush to gently scrub the shirt so it doesn’t fray. Be patient and give the lipstick some time to rub if it has been dry for a while.
  • Take the clothes to wash again with detergent and rinse.

How to get lipstick out of clothes with different materials

Clothes made of silk

If lipstick stains appear on silk garments, you can use rubbing alcohol in the manner previously stated, but you must first check the label to ensure it will work. Should this not be possible, wash the afflicted area by hand and use a cleanser like Breeze.


Fortunately, you can remove lipstick using any of the aforementioned techniques. You might be able to make the stain a little heavier on denim than on more delicate garments because of the fabric’s durability. The stain will be easier to remove with this friction, but take care not to be very harsh or you could damage it.


Wool needs specific care because it is formed of natural fibers; take care while selecting your cleaning technique. To begin with, be sure that woolen clothing isn’t only being dry cleaned. You should use non-enzymatic shampoo or laundry detergent if machine washing or hand washing is safe.

The actions listed below can be used to get lipstick off of wool:

  • For around 10 minutes, wash or bleach should be applied to the wool.
  • Put the clothing in the washer or wash it by hand.
  • Test to determine if the stain is gone by letting the wool air dry.
  • Take the item to a dry cleaner if the stain persists to prevent harming the fibers.


The cloth will retain the lipstick stain for a longer period of time, especially if it is a cream or tinted lipstick. Therefore, you must discover a way to get rid of lipstick stains on your clothing as soon as you see them.

Before attempting to get lipstick out of clothes, carefully read the laundry instructions. The best course of action if you unintentionally spill lipstick on your beloved silk blouse or dress is to seek assistance from a reputable laundromat.

Lipstick and colored stains have the feature of spreading quickly to other parts of clothing, especially light clothing. In order to stop the lipstick stain from spreading, you must be delicate when rubbing it and handle it with warm water.

Drying your clothing in the sun is one piece of advice. The stain will be made lighter by sunlight. Due to the fact that the sun can fade colored clothing, it should only be done with white clothing.

Actually, cleansers with alcohol as a main ingredient are the best for quickly removing lipstick stains. It takes only a short while because alcohol will make the lipstick peel off.

To prevent the development of challenging-to-remove yellow stains, it is necessary to wash all clothing after removing it from lipstick.

Final words

We hope the article on How to get lipstick out of clothes above will help you deal with clothes in an emergency and regain the aesthetics of your clothes. Apply now if you are in trouble. And don’t forget to share these great tips with your friends if you find them helpful. I hope your efforts pay off!

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