Top 12 Maybelline Red Lipstick For Fair Skin

Maybelline cosmetics brand is famous for its quality products for women. Depending on the skin color, there will be a way to choose the right lipstick color. The article Top 12 Maybelline Red Lipstick For Fair Skin will help people with fair skin find the right lipstick color for them.

It can be seen that women, owning white skin will not have too many difficulties in choosing clothes, hair color as well as lipstick color. Therefore, this skin can be suitable for most lipstick colors and makeup.

Accordingly, for white girls who pursue a pure and sweet style and want their faces to become more natural, they can refer to tones such as pink, peach, coral, or red tones. fresh, … These color tones will help the face become radiant, attracting all eyes.

1. Voyager


This maroon-red lipstick with blue undertones is perfect for people with light or pinkish-white skin. This is also the first lipstick color in the Top 12 Maybelline Red Lipstick For Fair Skin. When using this lipstick color, it will feel fresh, seductive, and suitable for people with medium or dark skin tones.

2. Rosewood Red

Rosewood Red

This lip color is reminiscent of the colors of patches of dark brown and deep red that come together to form this mesmerizing red lipstick. It can be considered a suitable color choice for winter evenings, red-brown lip color is suitable for medium and dark skin. In terms of texture, mattes are similar to foundations but have a slightly matte texture, meaning they leave little or no shine on the user’s lips.

3. Mad Blood

Mad Blood

Deep red lipstick and warm tones are essential for a classic makeup look, which helps bring out your red lips. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply and color. Although the texture of this lipstick is semi-matte. This blue-red lipstick looks great on light skin tones with cool shades. If you are looking for the Top 12 Maybelline Red Lipstick For Fair Skin then don’t miss this lipstick.

4. Divine Wine

Divine Wine

With a subtle reddish-brown tint, this liquid dark red lipstick is suitable for both fair and yellow skin. It’s not too dark so you can use it during the day as well as at night. This lipstick color is also quite suitable for those who love classic and glamorous makeup.

5. Pioneer


This red lipstick is a great shade of red. It’s not too light, nor too dark, and can suit all skin tones. The neural undertone also makes it a good choice for warm and medium skin tones. However, Super Stay Matte liquid lipstick tends to dry out the lips, so make sure you moisturize your lips well before applying this lipstick.

6. Red 1

Red 1

This red-lipstick leans more toward the chestnut color giving it a cool undertone. This is a good choice for those who want to try a bright red that isn’t too bright and pops. The lipstick from the Maybelline lipstick line comes with a lipstick brush that you can use to create ombre lips. This lipstick color is perfectly suitable for those with white skin.

7. Smoking Red

Smoking Red

This is a deep red that leans towards warmer tones. If Dynamite Red is another red lipstick in the Maybelline Loaded Bolds lipstick line that is more about flames, Smoking Red is inspired by smoldering embers. This bright red will suit all skin tones, especially warm skin tones.

8. Get Red-dy

Get Red-dy

This dazzling red lipstick color will make you admire the white skin. It has a hint of warm coral pink and will look great on light-skinned women. This is also the next lipstick color in the Top 12 Maybelline Red Lipstick For Fair Skin.

9. Honey Cherry

Honey Cherry

Red-green lipstick like this lipstick is very suitable for cool skin tones, especially fair skin tones. Honey cherries are a unique blend of bright red and deep pink, but the result is a deep blue-red lipstick that adds color to pale skin.

10. Dynamite Red

Dynamite Red

Any magenta in the Loaded Bolds range shows a bold and powerful shade. From the Raspberry rendezvous to the hot Dynamite Red, each color is sure to make an impression from the first minute you put it on your lips. This bright red will work best with medium to light skin tones with a golden undertone. Yellow tones might look too pale in this red lipstick.

11. Hot Lava

Hot Lava

Accentuate your inner lips with a hot red, mixed with warm orange tones and topped with a metallic sheen. This is a unique choice of red lipstick for the party season, especially for dark-skinned people. However, people with completely white skin can also use this lipstick color to make their makeup more attractive and special.

12. Lani

ma11 1

More orange than red is the main tone of this lipstick. Products from the Gigi Hadid collection will brighten up a warm skin tone. Coral highlighter will also be more suitable for fair skin. This is also the last lipstick color in the Top 12 Maybelline Red Lipstick For Fair Skin.

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