Surprise With How To Fix Broken Lipstick

Lipstick is always an inseparable object of the sister association. However, many times, our beloved lipstick will be broken by mistake. So do you know how to fix it when the lipstick is broken? Let’s Surprise With How To Fix Broken Lipstick learn great tips to fix broken lipstick.

Fix broken lipstick with a dryer

To fix the broken condition of the lipstick, we can use a dryer, do the following: You reattach the broken lipstick to the correct broken position, and then take the dryer around the wound. fracture at hot temperatures. Gradually the two parts will soften and then stick together, you can use your hands to adjust the broken part.


Although the shape of the lipstick is not as good as the original, it is also a way to overcome the broken condition of the lipstick. After that, you close the lid and put the lipstick in the freezer of the refrigerator for about 20 minutes, then remove it and use it as usual.

One thing to note is that you should dry at a moderate temperature to avoid burning your hands and the lipstick will not melt. This is the first fix in Surprise With How To Fix Broken Lipstick.

Fix broken lipstick with lighter

Just like the above method, instead of using a dryer, you use a lighter to heat around the broken lipstick. What you need to do is let the 2 broken lipstick parts melt and stick together, then wrap around the broken part to fix it. When it is finished, you should also put it in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes to harden the lipstick.


You need to note one small thing when heated with a lighter, the lipstick will be hot and melt faster. So ladies, be quick and don’t leave it on for too long so as not to damage the lipstick. This is also the simple way that Surprise With How To Fix Broken Lipstick shares with you.

Fix broken lipstick by melting

What to do if the lipstick is broken and no longer intact? Don’t worry, prepare the following ingredients and do it this way.



Broken lipstick, a candle, and stainless steel spoon.


First, you light the candle and then put the spoon into heat spoon.
You put the broken lipstick into the spoon and continue to heat it until the lipstick melts.
Pour the melted lipstick into a new jar.

Thus, you can already use the lipstick without having to throw it away. After pouring it into a new jar, leave it overnight for the lipstick to harden or put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes to harden (don’t leave it for too long because the lipstick will harden and be hard to hit). When applying lipstick, you can use a lip brush to apply lipstick.

A good tip: When the lipsticks are almost out but you don’t want to waste them, you can melt them and put them in the eyeshadow palettes that have run out of powder to have a pretty and colorful lipstick palette.

Fix broken lipstick by replacing a new lipstick shell

You can fix the lipstick situation by always replacing the new lipstick shell for your lipstick. Need to prepare an empty lipstick shell, then swirl the broken lipstick to its full length and then use your hand to lift the lipstick. Melt the lipstick and then pour it into the lipstick mold to change a new shell for the lipstick to prevent it from breaking.

How to better preserve lipstick to avoid broken lipstick

Lightly brush lipstick when using

Many girls often have the habit of applying bold lipstick, so when applying lipstick, they use strong force to press the lipstick into their lips. You should not do this, because then the possibility of lipstick breaking is very high, but when the lipstick is applied to the lips, it is often sticky.


A small tip in Surprise With How To Fix Broken Lipstick is that if you want to have a bold color, then you should apply many layers on top of each other and paint gently until the lipstick color is satisfactory. Or you can use a lip brush to apply lipstick, so you can easily adjust the color of the lipstick on your lips and also avoid the lipstick smearing out.

Do not turn the lipstick up too high

When applying lipstick, many girls often turn the lipstick up very high and then apply it, this often causes their lipstick to break for any reason. To avoid lipstick breakage or breakage, we recommend that you only turn the lipstick on a moderate amount to use.

Turn lipstick down after use

There are many girls because of a little absent-mindedness, but when they finish applying lipstick, they often have the habit of putting the lipstick cap on. This will make your lipstick damaged or broken. So after using, please pay attention to turning the lipstick down and then putting the cap on.

Close the lid tightly after use

After using the lipstick, you should pay attention to tightly closing the lipstick cap. Because sometimes we can accidentally drop lipstick on the ground or throw them around in our bags, which is also the cause of the lipstick breaking.


The tight lid of the lipstick helps to prevent our lipstick from being damaged when falling, and when thrown in a bag, it will not contaminate the bag and contaminate the lipstick.

Limit dropping lipstick

During use, sometimes we will also drop our lipsticks. But you should note a little that you should limit the drop of lipstick. Because sometimes when the lipstick falls, it will loosen the lipstick base, making the lipstick lose and easy to break. Or in cases when the lipstick is being screwed too high when it falls, the lipstick body will often break.

Avoid exposing lipstick to excessive heat

Many girls have the habit of leaving lipstick or cosmetics in the trunk of a motorbike, this is a disastrous mistake that will quickly damage the lipstick. Lipsticks and other cosmetics in general need to be stored with appropriate temperature conditions. When the temperature is too high, lipstick is easily oxidized and degraded.

The lipstick can quickly melt, leading to deformation, the life of the lipstick is reduced, and the oil layer in the lipstick is easily separated, which reduces the quality of the product. Therefore, do not expose lipstick near high-temperature sources.

Besides, you do not necessarily need to store lipstick in the refrigerator. Because, low temperatures can make the surface of the lipstick harden, harder to apply, and faster to bottle. Therefore, you just need to remember that lipstick is best preserved when maintained at room temperature. This is also information that you need to note in Surprise With How To Fix Broken Lipstick.

Hope the article Surprise With How To Fix Broken Lipstick will provide useful information for you.

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