How To Eat With Lipstick On Easily

In all makeup steps, lipstick always holds a particularly important and indispensable position for every girl before stepping out onto the street. However, eating and drinking every day can make the lipstick fade away. Let’s learn how to keep lipstick when eating and drinking through How To Eat With Lipstick On Easily.

Use matte lipstick for long-lasting lipstick

The first method in How To Eat With Lipstick On Easily, which is most popular with many girls because of its simplicity but no less effective, is to choose a matte lipstick. Usually, lipstick will have better adhesion on the lips than cream or lip gloss lines. For every girl, lipstick will be an indispensable friend in the bag.


When choosing matte lipsticks, girls need to pay special attention to the quality of lipstick, especially for girls who often do not moisturize their lips. The matte lipstick ingredients often dry her lips, making the lip cells peel off. To help girls be confident all day long, smooth lipstick with added lip balm ingredients should be a top concern.

How to do: After completing the makeup for the face, choose a matte lipstick with your favorite color and proceed to apply lipstick as usual.

Apply multiple layers of lipstick

Plump lips will help her become very attractive in the eyes of everyone around, especially to the opposite sex. Applying multiple layers of lipstick will help effectively bring this effect. However, this will also help the lipstick stay on the lips longer. And surely many young people do not know this simple but very effective tip.

This method can be used for cream lipsticks or even gloss lipsticks. You just need to proceed to apply lipstick as usual and turn 3-4 layers of lipstick on top of each other. Between each layer of lipstick, you should leave about 30 – 60 seconds to dry the lipstick and ensure a long-lasting effect.

With this long-lasting lipstick, you can eat and drink all day without worrying about the lipstick slipping off. How to do this includes:

Use lipstick with your favorite color.
Apply the first layer on the lips, if the color feels uneven. Let’s continue to add another layer on top of the old one.
Use a cotton swab to spread the lipstick evenly and finally apply an extra layer on top to help the lipstick layer thick and long-lasting.

Use a lip primer

Similar to the skin on the entire face, before applying makeup, the skin on the lips also needs to be carefully and carefully cared for. The use of a primer will help protect the skin cells most effectively, avoiding the harmful effects that are most typical of the chemical ingredients in lipstick.


This method is especially suitable for those of you with extremely sensitive lips. For the best results, How To Eat With Lipstick On Easily recommends choosing specialized lip primer products.

These creams are easy to find at specialized cosmetic stores or supermarkets. Or if you have relatively healthy skin, you can also use the same primer you’re using for your entire face if it’s urgent. How to do this includes:

After applying a thin and light primer on your lips, remember to wait about 10-15 seconds for the primer to have a certain degree of dryness.
Choose a lipstick you love and apply it on your lips and you’re done. If the lipstick color is too dark, use a tissue to touch the lips to help the lipstick color evenly and last longer. Instantly, you have become a classy lady and can confidently strut your stuff on your journey.

Use Concealer

One of the most popular ways to apply long-lasting lipstick is to use concealer. You can use concealer instead of primer. Using this product not only helps the lipstick to last longer but also can help cover the imperfections on your lips effectively. Thanks to that, the lipstick color also becomes more standard and smoother.

To do this, apply concealer in the first step in lipstick manipulation. You should note that you should only apply a very thin and light layer of cream to avoid the feeling of thick lips.
After achieving complete concealer, you just need to apply your favorite lipstick color and you’re done.

Use powder or talcum powder for long-lasting lipstick

Powder must be a very familiar product for many girls, especially girls with oily skin. Not only can it help control and limit the amount of oil secreted on the skin, but the powder can also keep the lipstick layer longer. This long-lasting lipstick method is also being loved and appreciated by many women for its effectiveness.

The first step you need to do is to choose a lipstick color that you love and apply a suitable layer of lipstick on your lips. Then, use a brush with a big tip, specialized for applying powder to take the right amount of powder and cover it with the lipstick you just applied. Note that you need to use a tissue to cover it before applying powder to your lips.

With this method, the lipstick color can stay on the lips for 6-8 hours without having to reapply. Powder also prevents lipstick from sticking or sticking to surfaces such as straws, cups, bowls, chopsticks, etc. As a result, you will be more confident when meeting your friends, colleagues, or partners.

In addition, you can also apply long-lasting lipstick with talcum powder instead of powder, which will also bring the same effect. Here’s a fun tip on How To Eat With Lipstick On Easily.

Use lip gloss

Lip gloss is a familiar beauty product for many women of all ages, but the most popular is between the ages of 16-25. The main use of this lipstick line is to bring a certain amount of shine, thereby creating a feeling of soft lips, making you more youthful and attractive. However, lip gloss also has the main additional use of keeping lipstick longer.

If you have a lip gloss in your bag, try applying How To Eat With Lipstick On Easily. First, you make lipstick with your favorite lipstick and lipstick color. Allow about 10 seconds for this lipstick to have a certain degree of dryness and stick on the lips.

Then, you just need to apply another layer of lip gloss over the first lipstick and you’re done. This lipstick tip is very simple, but the effect it brings is extremely effective. The lipstick can stay on the lips for 6-8 hours.

You will not need to reapply lipstick too many times a day and when eating, only the lip gloss will be removed, thereby limiting the status of lipstick on objects.

Use a lipliner

Lip liner is one of the tools that help shape the lips very well before you proceed to the next steps such as applying lipstick and is also a way to apply long-lasting lipstick that many girls apply. Besides, lip liner is also loved by many beauty-loving girls for the use of helping lipstick to stay longer on the lips when eating and drinking.


This method is effective, and has been and is being applied by many girls every day. You won’t need to draw a pencil for the entire lip, just a shaper for the upper lip. After shaping your lips according to your wishes, use this pencil to paint a thin layer over your entire lips.

It is this foundation that will help keep the lipstick on for a long time. Next, you just need to apply another layer of cream or lipstick and you’re done. Here’s a fun tip on How To Eat With Lipstick On Easily.

Use a brush to apply lipstick

Have you ever wondered why professional makeup artists often use a brush to apply lipstick instead of applying it directly on the lips or using their hands? This lipstick operation works to help the lipstick be more even, and at the same time adheres to the lip grooves, so it will last longer than the ways of applying lipstick directly or with a brush.

You just need to use a makeup brush, dot each part of the lipstick, and gradually apply it on your lips until you are satisfied. This way of applying is more suitable for lipsticks than cream lipsticks because the thick smooth lipstick will help her easily adjust her brush.

This method of applying lipstick is time-consuming due to the relatively more brush operations, but the effect of keeping the lipstick long-lasting when eating and drinking is very good.

Pinch your lips with a tissue

Using paper towels is also a way to apply long-lasting lipstick that has been loved by many girls with a passion for beauty and popular application. This method is considered to be very simple with tools that are easy to find, with just a thin paper towel.


This method is especially suitable for girls who are using cream lipsticks and glosses but want these lipsticks to last for a long time. To apply this method, first, apply a layer of lipstick on your lips with a moderate thickness. You can use your fingers to apply or pinch your lips to help apply the lipstick evenly.

Then you use a thin tissue to remove the excess lipstick by pinching the tissue tightly. Remember that it should only be dusted once or twice. Then, remember to let your lips rest for 15-30 seconds so that the remaining lipstick layer adheres to the lips.

In the final step, you just need to apply another layer of lipstick and you can confidently step out on the street. Using this method, the lipstick can last up to 6 hours in low eating and drinking conditions. When you see the lipstick fade away, you just need to lightly apply it again to be very pretty.

Hopefully the article How To Eat With Lipstick On Easily will provide useful information for you.

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