How To Put On A Lipstick And 4 Interesting Tips

Lipstick is a cosmetic item that most women need. However, each makeup style will have a different way of applying lipstick. Join How To Put On A Lipstick And 4 Interesting Tips to learn the best lipstick tips.

How to apply natural beautiful matte lipstick

Matte lipstick is a creamy lipstick, when applied to the lips, the cream will dry, making you feel like you have just covered a layer of smooth gel on your lips.

The plus point of the matte lipstick is that it is completely non-glossy, does not stick to the lips, has a standard color of up to 95% and lasts for up to 7-8 hours, and almost covers 100% of the defects of the lips. However, using matte lipstick also requires a secret because this cream is prone to drying and clumping.

How to apply lipstick with matte lipstick

Choose a lipstick with a striking color, a little bold to make your lips look fresh and radiant. You apply lipstick on 1/3 of your lips then pinch your lips to spread more than 2/3 of your lips. The way to apply lipstick is most suitable for people with thick lips, bringing fragile beauty but equally attractive.


How to apply matte lipstick on full lips

If applying lipstick is suitable for thick lips, then applying full lips is a more reasonable choice for thin lips. Apply lipstick with full lips without limiting lipstick tones, from light tones like nude to dark tones like crimson are all beautiful. Before applying full lips, you should draw lip lines to make lips look thicker and more attractive.

The secret to applying beautiful natural lipstick to overcome the limitations of matte lipstick is to exfoliate your lips once a week and apply lip balm regularly. Before applying matte lipstick, the way to naturally beautiful lipstick is to apply a layer of balm and then wipe it to remove dead skin on the lips.

Then apply a layer of lip balm, use a paper towel to absorb the shine, and finally apply matte lipstick on the lips. This is the first method in How To Put On A Lipstick And 4 Interesting Tips.

How to apply cream lipstick

Cream lipstick is a liquid lipstick, usually stored in a bottle, using a separate brush to paint the lips. The advantage of cream lipstick is that it contains moisturizing oils that help keep lips soft and smooth.

Cream lipstick has the ability to standard color up to 85% and has good color adhesion, but not as good as matte cream lipstick. The downside is that creamy lipstick is a bit shiny, easy to stick, and easy to stick when eating. The waxy substance in the lipstick also makes your lips feel a bit dry.

How to apply lipstick with a cream lipstick


First, use a lip balm to soften your lips. Then you put lipstick on 3 points in the center of the lips. Use a cotton swab, fingertip, or brush to gently spread the color towards the lips.
To create the most points for the lips, you can add a light layer of lip gloss to make the lips more plump and fresh.

The secret to beautiful lipstick is to apply a layer of honey on the lips before going to bed every day and leave it overnight to help soften and exfoliate the lips. This is the next method in How To Put On A Lipstick And 4 Interesting Tips.

How to apply lipstick

Lipstick is the traditional form of lipstick, usually in a long round, or square shape. The lipstick also has a standard color, and long-lasting color and the lipstick is soft and smooth. The advantage of lipstick is that it is easy to use. The downside is that lipstick can break when dropped.

How to apply lipstick with a lipstick


Choose 2 different lipstick colors that have the same tone, only different in intensity. Apply a light color lipstick on the lips, then apply a dark color lipstick in the center of the lips.
Blend the color from the inside to the outside by lightly brushing your lips or using your fingers or a brush.

The way to apply naturally beautiful lipstick with lipstick is to add a layer of lip balm as the final step for more sexy and fuller lips.

How to apply liquid lipstick beautifully

Liquid lipstick, also known as tint, is a line of lipstick that has a liquid texture and is very thin on the lips. Lipsticks are stored in lipstick bottles equipped with brushes for ease of use. The feature of water-based lipstick is its ability to stick to color extremely well, which is evaluated better than matte lipstick, and matte cream lipstick.

For lipstick enthusiasts, tint lipstick is a perfect choice. This is also the next method that How To Put On A Lipstick And 4 Interesting Tips sends to you.


How to apply liquid lipstick in combination with matte lipstick. Lip tint is designed specifically for lip liners, but when combined with other lipsticks, it will give a “magical” effect compared to using it alone.

How to apply lipstick with liquid lipstick combined with matte lipstick is very simple. You paint the base with a matte lipstick. Then fill your lips with lip gloss and blend well.

The secret to naturally beautiful lipstick is to choose 2 types of lipstick with similar tones, the tint color is darker than the matte lipstick color. Only use a sufficient amount of lip balm because if used a lot, it can lose the color of the foundation.

Hopefully, the article How To Put On A Lipstick And 4 Interesting Tips will help girls learn the best ways to apply lipstick.

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