How To Disinfect Lipstick

Lipstick is a daily makeup tool for many women. Since they are in constant contact with your lips, we need to clean our lipstick from time to time. Article How To Disinfect Lipstick will help you get more information on how to clean lipstick sticks.

Why do you need to clean your lipstick?

The results of a study on the risk of bacterial infection in 467 cosmetics showed that 90% of the products contained potentially deadly bacteria. Specifically, the scientists found Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus in used eyeliner and mascara. These bacteria can cause irritation and inflammation of the conjunctiva (pink eye).

In mild cases, bacteria cause symptoms of itching, and watery eyes; In severe cases, conjunctivitis can lead to blindness. Of note, the bacteria that cause conjunctivitis can spread to other parts of the body, causing a serious secondary infection.


Lipstick and lip balm samples also contain staphylococcus and many types of bacteria that live in feces. These bacteria cause redness and inflammation of the lips. If mild can be treated with antibiotics or antibacterial cream. More dangerously, bacteria can enter the bloodstream or deep tissues in the body, causing dangerous complications.

In general, cosmetics are often produced under strict hygienic conditions to control the growth and accumulation of microorganisms during use. In addition, manufacturers can take advantage of preservatives to prevent the growth of bacteria, but these substances have a fixed shelf life. This is the first information in How To Disinfect Lipstick.

How to clean lipstick stick simple

Cleaning tools to prepare:

70% isopropyl alcohol
Small container (or a glass)
Cotton gauze

Steps to take

Step 1: Clean the outside of the tube & cap

Wet a cotton swab with alcohol and wipe the outside of your lipstick. Then take another cotton swab soaked in alcohol and wipe the inside of your lipstick cap. This step will make sure the bacteria doesn’t return to the lipstick when you put the cap back on the tube.


Step 2: Pour 70% isopropyl alcohol into the container

Because lipstick tubes are bullet-shaped, glass cups are the perfect tool for cleaning them. You’ll need to fill the can halfway to prevent spills when you add the lipstick tube. This is the next information in How To Disinfect Lipstick.

Step 3: Remove the top layer of lipstick

Wipe the lipstick on the tissue several times to remove the lipstick that comes into direct contact with your lips.

Step 4: Dip lipstick in alcohol at 70 degrees

In this step, you will proceed with lipstick cleaning by dipping your lipstick tube into the alcohol container, making sure that the entire length of the product is soaked in the alcohol. If you don’t want to dip the entire lipstick in the alcohol, you can stretch the lipstick as far as you can and just keep the lipstick in the alcohol. Soak it for about 30 seconds.

Step 5: Take it out and let it dry

After 30 seconds, remove the lipstick from the alcohol, your lipstick has been disinfected. This is a fairly quick method of lipstick cleaning that How To Disinfect Lipstick sends to you. Place the lipstick upright on a paper towel and let the alcohol evaporate until completely dry. Wait at least 15 minutes before applying this method.

How to remove lip makeup correctly for you

Supplies you need to prepare

– Paper towels (Should choose paper towels with cotton or honeycomb design, avoid paper towels with a lot of cotton design on the surface)
– Makeup remover cotton
– Specialized makeup remover for lips
– Toothbrush (If available)


Step 1: Use paper to remove excess lipstick

Place the tissue between your lips and pinch to get the lipstick on your lips. Repeat several times until there is no more lipstick on the tissue.

Step 2: Use makeup remover

Saturate a cotton pad with makeup remover and gently press it on your lips, or you can apply the makeup remover directly to your lips. Then you wait for a little about 5-10 seconds. The current lip makeup removers all work quite quickly, so you don’t have to wait too long like many previous instructions.

Step 3: Use a cotton pad to wipe off the lipstick on your lips

After step 2, use a cotton pad to wipe off all the lipstick on your lips. Note that you need to do it gently, do not rub it hard so that your lips do not get hurt. You repeat the above operation many times for stubborn lipstick layers until the cotton layer is no longer lipstick color, you have completely removed lip makeup.

Step 4: Apply lip balm

After removing makeup, your lips are often dry, don’t forget to apply a layer of lip balm to provide nutrients and make your lips moist. This is the next information in How To Disinfect Lipstick.

Note when removing lip makeup

– Do not use too much force, just use just enough force to help the lips be massaged to reduce stress without hurting the lips or appearing wrinkles.

– If after removing makeup, there is a slight flaking of the skin, you can use a thin toothbrush to gently brush the lips to remove the dead skin layer.

– Do not use face makeup remover instead of lip makeup remover because the removal concentration of facial makeup remover is very high, and it will make lips easily irritated.
Just remove makeup properly, you have a healthy lip already.

Small tips to help lips plumper

Regularly use lip balm to provide moisture and vitamins to the lips. Remember to exfoliate your lips at least twice a week to help pink lips healthier. If your lips have strange shades, or you may have a health condition, contact your doctor right away. This is the next information in How To Disinfect Lipstick.

Hope the article How To Disinfect Lipstick will provide useful information for you.

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