How To Blend Lip Liner And Lipstick

Lip liner is a must-have makeup tool in a woman’s makeup kit. If you want to have gorgeous, full, and impressive lips, don’t forget the lip liner. The article How To Blend Lip Liner And Lipstick will help you get more information on how to combine lip liner and lipstick.

Reasons to use lip liner

Lipstick is darker when lined

No matter what lipstick color you use (orange, pale pink, or red), one of the reasons you need to line your lips is that the color will look darker even if you only apply a thin layer. Your lips will look a lot more attractive. A beautiful lip color depends a lot on the lip liner used before applying lipstick.


You will not have to buy any more lipstick products if you already own a lip liner. Lip liner can be used as a primer and helps the color of the lipstick when applied on your lips will be more standard. Instead of just outlining the outside of your lips, use a pencil to fill in the rest. This is the next information in How To Blend Lip Liner And Lipstick.

The lipstick does not melt

If you don’t line your lips, lipstick is very easy to get around your mouth (especially when you use liquid lipstick) and looks patchy and very ugly. Therefore, take 1-2 minutes to line your lips with a pencil, then you will avoid unfortunate incidents that happen throughout the day. This is the information to keep in mind in How To Blend Lip Liner And Lipstick.

The way the lip liner is darker than the lipstick color will bring your makeup back to the 90s trend. So, for girls who love modern beauty, use a lip liner that is the same or lighter. lip color. Unlike previous makeup styles, the lip liner in modern makeup steps will play the role of making it easier to apply lipstick and enhance the sharp beauty of your lips.

Keep lipstick color longer


For the lipstick not to fade quickly, the best way is not to apply very bold lipstick, or sometimes you have to look in the mirror to reapply. A lip liner will help keep the lipstick color longer. In the case of matte lipstick, because the lip rim is the same color, it will create the illusion that the lip color is still as fresh as when it was first applied.

Make lips fuller

If you want fuller, sexy lips to be more attractive, while your lips are too thin or not curved, don’t forget to use lip liner. You will see results immediately. Lip liner will make the lips appear thicker and more attractive.

Darken your lip shape

One of the biggest advantages of lip liner is that it helps define the shape of the lips, making them more defined and sexy (even if you don’t have a natural heart-shaped lip). If you have full lips, lip liner will make you look sexier. Girls with thin, small lips need to use lip liner even more. You will feel the difference.

A simple way to combine lip liner and lipstick

As you know about the benefits of lip liner, the basic rule for combining lip liner and lipstick is the color factor. This means that you should combine only lip liner and lipstick of the same color or close to each other for the perfect combination.


You’ll want to use a lip liner one to two shades darker than your lipstick color, keeping it in the same shade as your skin tone. This is the next information in How To Blend Lip Liner And Lipstick.

Step 1: Exfoliate dead cells

Although lipstick and lip liner can go very well together to create a striking lip. But how you prepare your lips can make all the difference in how you combine two beauty products. So, before applying anything on your lips, be sure to exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your lips.

Step 2: Apply primer

After exfoliating your lips, apply a lip primer to help create a smooth base for your lip liner and lipstick. If you don’t have a primer, you can use a little powder or concealer to line your lips.

Step 3: Start to line your lips

Once you’ve started with your chosen lip liner. In addition to helping define the shape of your lips, lip liners can also help prevent your lipstick from spilling out of line. After you’ve lined your lips, fill them in with lipstick of the right shade.

Step 4: Line the edges and lip lines in detail

If you are not a professional makeup artist, it is easy to make mistakes when applying lip liner. If you accidentally paint a little bit outside the lip line at any point. Don’t worry because you don’t have to start from scratch. Just dip a cotton ball in the makeup remover to remove any bugs.

Step 5: Apply lipstick on the lips

The final step in How To Blend Lip Liner And Lipstick is to choose a lipstick of the same color tone and paint it on the already-lined lip line.

With the information on how to use a lip liner that How To Blend Lip Liner And Lipstick has just shared, hope you will make this makeup step on your face easier and faster. Owning beautiful lips will make you more confident about your appearance!

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