How To Choose Right Lipstick Color

Lipsticks come in a variety of colors and there are times when you will find it difficult to choose the right lipstick color for you. The article How To Choose Right Lipstick Color will guide you on how to choose the right lipstick color for your skin tone, outfit, and style.

What colors are popular?

Brick red lipstick

Brick red lipstick belongs to the red lipstick group, with the traditional red color mixed with earth brown and a little orange, this is a lipstick color that is considered to have a moderate red color, adding a bit of elegance and elegance of brown and orange, suitable for all skin types.

Suitable for many different skin colors and styles. Brick red lipstick is considered an “easy” lipstick color when it is suitable for all skin tones, from white skin, neutral skin, or dark skin, it also highlights the skin tone. Using brick red lipstick, the skin tone will be lifted in a very natural way, bringing an overall harmony full of charm.

In addition, brick red lipstick is one of the hottest lipstick colors today that is commonly used daily because it is suitable for use in all situations, from work, school, going out, traveling, and partying… is something very few lipsticks can do and brick red does it wonderfully. So every time you go out, just carrying this lipstick alone is confident enough in all situations.


Coral red

If you are a new girl looking for beauty from lipstick for your lips or girls who love natural and safe makeup, and not too prominent, coral red lipstick is an excellent choice. more for you.

This color tone is suitable for girls who like youthful, dynamic, and new. The lipstick color is so basic that you can completely use it to go to school, wear makeup for a party or go for a walk. This lipstick color is not picky, so you can choose this lipstick color for all skin tones. This is one of the great advantages that coral lipstick brings to users.

Burning Orange

Burnt orange lipstick is a pretty popular lipstick color that is always loved by young people. Although it has been released for a few years, this lipstick color has not shown any signs of cooling down.

Burnt orange lipstick is a color that blends orange with warm red and adds a little brown to create a very passionate color for girls. This lipstick line is suitable for most skin tones whether it is cold or hot or light skin tone. Applying lipstick on your lips will help you become more rosy and radiant.

Burning Orange

For those of you with white skin, you will have a great advantage in choosing lipstick colors. No matter what color lipstick you wear, it will accentuate your skin and burnt orange is no exception.

Besides, those of you with dark skin do not have to worry about whether this lipstick color is suitable for you. The color darkens the lips a little bit, but it will highlight the healthy, seductive beauty and full of life.

Earthy orange

If you are looking for a new style that is both personality and attractive, red-brown lipstick is a suggestion that you should not ignore. It can be said that earthy orange lipstick is quite popular when it is suitable for many skin types. It is no coincidence that the orange tone is chosen by many Beauty bloggers.

Because this is a lipstick color for use with many different makeup styles, many different skin colors, lip brushes, and full lips are stylish. Earthy orange lipstick can also be used even for those with brown skin.

Western brown color

Western brown is an anathema lipstick color that can be considered a craze in recent times for women because of its easy makeup. Typical for this lipstick color are two icons of Eurasian beauty: Kylie Jenner and Lily Maymac.

This lipstick color is also easy to combine with different skin colors, not picky about the user’s skin. However, for the lipstick color to be the most beautiful and suitable for your skin tone, you should choose different dark and light brown lipstick colors.

White people will never have to worry that this lipstick color will make them pale and less beautiful. Because brown lipstick will help you have extremely sexy and outstanding lips. Matte brown lips and light orange eye area will turn you into a stylish, stylish retro girl.

The tan color will also help you look natural in the workplace, not pale. In particular, it can be said that western brown is the color of lipstick born for dark-skinned girls.

Earth pink

Referring to the most popular lipstick colors today, it is impossible not to mention earth pink lipstick. This tone is made up of 2 familiar colors: pink + earthy brown, bringing a gentle feminine beauty, and classic sweetness.

For Asian-style beauty followers, this lipstick has a very special appeal, both respecting natural beauty and being fashionable, not too gentle like the usual pink tones. Most earthy pink lipsticks are not picky, but it also depends on the color mixing ratio of each brand.

Earth pink

If the earth color ratio is too small, the lipstick color will be quite light, only suitable for those with light to medium white skin tones. Along with earthy orange lipstick, earth pink is no exception when it comes to the Top of the most popular lipstick colors today.

As an earthy pink lipstick that used to have a strong attraction, it became a hot topic of discussion on many beauty forums. This lipstick tone looks quite classic, and natural, and has outstanding advantages: Suitable for many skin tones, not picky about users, diverse makeup styles. This is the first information in How To Choose Right Lipstick Color.

The Different Types of Lipstick

Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is a type of lipstick that when applied to the lips has a deep color that is almost the same as the lipstick we see. Besides, matte lipstick is true to its name, very matte on the lips.

Matte Lipstick

To do that, the lipstick’s composition always contains kaolin, which when applied to the lips will not create a glossy effect and help the lipstick become more durable and longer lasting.
It is the above characteristics that matte lipstick is used by girls with dark or deep lip pigmentation because the lipstick color can still be desired without much dependence on lip color.

Besides, this is also a suitable lipstick to use during the day to give you a youthful, seductive look. However, the properties of kaolin are oil-absorbing, moisture-wicking and matte lipsticks often do not contain nutrients, so it is easy to cause dry lips, so absolutely do not apply matte lipstick without a lip balm underneath.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss true to the name when applied to the lips will create a glossy effect as a highlight on your face. Lip gloss is usually in gel form, some are designed with brush and tube form that is easy to use and carry. And this is a very necessary lipstick to complete the beauty of the lips.

Lip gloss

Although it makes the lips feel glossy and attractive, the lip gloss is quite poor in color and fades quickly. When the bowl often leaves a sticky feeling, if you are not used to it, you will find it very uncomfortable.

When applying lip gloss, you should only use a little in the center of the lips and then spread it evenly with a brush, do not pinch the lips because it will reduce the shine. Another note when using this lipstick is to tie your hair neatly to avoid hair sticking to the lipstick. Lip gloss can be with or without shimmer. This is the next information in How To Choose Right Lipstick Color.

Cream lipstick

Cream lipstick is a liquid lipstick similar to a makeup foundation and is usually stored in a bottle like liquid lipstick. The strength of the cream lipstick is its matte color, which can even keep the color for up to many hours, even eating and drinking the lipstick is very difficult to wash off.

Cream lipstick

However, like a matte lipstick, the waxy substance in lipstick can make your lips feel a bit dry.

Lip tint/Liquid lipstick

Lip tint, also known as a liquid lipstick, has a light liquid texture. The characteristic of tint lipstick is its excellent color retention. This is one of the longest-lasting lipsticks. With a liquid texture, thin and light will give you a feeling of not being heavy on the lips like other lipsticks.

Lip tint has a light, glossy finish that creates a plump, full-bodied effect on the lips. This is an indispensable lipstick in the summer. However, the disadvantage of tint lipstick is that it dries the lips and is difficult to remove makeup, and is difficult to use for women with dark, dark lip pigmentation.

Besides, now manufacturers also produce non-matte lipsticks, so users need to consult carefully before choosing.

Pearly/frost lipstick

Is lipstick in a composition that contains mica or silica crystals to create a sparkling effect on the lips? This lipstick is very suitable for you to use for parties, and night events because with the sparkling effect, your lips will be beautiful and radiant under the lights of the party. However, you also need to use a lip balm first to avoid dry and chapped lips when using lip balm.

Satin lipstick

The satin lipstick is also known as a nourishing matte lipstick. As its name suggests, satin lipsticks contain a bit more lip balm than matte lipsticks. Because there are few lip balm ingredients, when applied to satin lipstick will have a light shine, not too matte but not too soft.

Lip balm

Lip balm

Our bodies always need to replenish nutrients and lips too, still need nutrients to keep them moisturized and plump, full of life. Therefore, lip balm is an indispensable lipstick for beauty believers. Lip balm contains ingredients such as vitamin E, Glyceryl, aloe vera, avocado, or coconut oil, which are all important nutrients that help moisturize the lips and make them softer.

Color Changing Lipstick

Color Changing Lipstick is a lipstick that can change color based on the user’s body condition. What makes this lipstick different is that the pigment is reactive to pH and temperature. Therefore, using the same lipstick but for 2 people will give 2 different lipstick colors. You will have your lipstick color when using this lipstick.

The Different Types of Lip Color

Before choosing the right lipstick color, you need to determine your skin tone as well as the color of your lips to choose the right lipstick color. Each lipstick color will be compatible with different skin tones, so determining your skin tone is essential. This is also the next information in How To Choose Right Lipstick Color.

The most common way to determine skin undertone is by the color of blood vessels in the wrist. If the blood vessels are green, you have a warm undertone. If your blood vessels are blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone.

If the blood vessels are both green and blue or purple, you have a neutral undertone. Understanding your skin tone and undertone will help you determine your skin tone, making it easier to choose outfits, lipstick colors, and skin care products.

How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color

How to choose the right color for your skin tone

Lipstick color for cool skin tones

Cool-toned skin tends to be slightly pink or pale. Therefore, you should avoid warm lipstick colors such as orange, peach, or coral if you do not want your skin to look dull. New cool pink and blue lipsticks for her. They will help the skin become more rosy and fresh.

Lipstick color for warm skin tones

Warm skin tones tend to turn yellow or have a healthy honey color. Warm skin tones will be extremely suitable for colors such as orange, pink orange, and earth orange… These are quite picky lipstick colors but stand out on your warm skin tones.

Lipstick color for neutral skin tones

If you have a neutral skin tone, you will have no trouble choosing your lipstick color because neutral skin tones suit all tones. However, depending on the skin color, the color of the lips may be affected.

Lipstick color for dark skin

In contrast to tanned skin, if you have dark skin, lipstick with a brown-purple palette like plum, caramel, and wine will help you stand out more.

How to choose the right color for your hair

Black hair, red lipstick


Dubbed the “true” for every girl, black hair and red lipstick are one of the great beauty secrets for Asian girls. You can freely improvise black hair color with red lipstick with different eye colors, many ways of the liner, and other impressive outfits. Red and black are also the typical style of personality girls.

Orange hair and vibrant lipstick

Since the fever of the movie Cheese In The Trap, orange hair combined with natural eye color has turned into a HOT trend loved by many Korean girls. And soon after, many variations of this hair color were multiplied with enough short, straight, and curly hair.


Besides, natural eye colors such as light brown, dark brown, black, and milk coffee, the girls also use gray and blue-gray lenses to increase their attractiveness. And in 2017, orange hair was once again on fire with a series of “variants” with vibrant lipstick colors from orange pink, baby pink, nude orange, and especially orange colors with the same tone as the hair color.

Blonde hair, pink or orange lipstick

Although quite strange and unique, blondes with pink or orange lipstick are always the perfect style for white or super light girls. If you don’t know how to apply makeup, blonde hair is a way for you to conceal your flaws.



As long as you remember some implicit rules like blonde hair, your eyes must be blue and green. If it’s not blue, it should be ocher, light brown, or simply leave the eye color natural. Second, don’t forget to choose pink or orange lipstick lines to create your style.

Brown hair and natural lipstick color


If you are a girl with warm eye color and a not-too-light skin tone, then brown hair combined with natural lipstick colors such as orange pink, earth pink, earth orange, and coral will be a great choice. Not simple but not too prominent, brown is a color suitable for all girls from Asia to Europe, from dark skin to bright white, the palette of brown has up to 50 different shades.

Which colors are best for a summer look?

Not only fashion, but every season will also have different lipstick color options for girls. How To Choose Right Lipstick Color will introduce you to the right lipstick colors for summer.

1. Bright red lipstick

Bright red is a traditional lipstick color, suitable for year-round use, and goes well with many different styles and outfits. This lipstick color will help you look younger and have more personality. Moreover, bright red is also not picky about skin.

2. Red-orange lipstick

With bright orange color mixed with fiery red will help you look younger and more dynamic. In addition, this lipstick color is very flattering and suitable for both active or gentle styles and any outfit.

3. Red lipstick

Rose-red will help you become gentle and cool after days of using vibrant lipstick colors. This is a lipstick color that is not picky about age as well as skin color, a luxurious color that is youthful and feminine.

4. Orange pink lipstick

This lipstick color is a combination of bright orange and soft pink. Orange pink lipstick will make you stand out, and more confident because of its gentle femininity but still quite a personality.

5. Coral orange lipstick

This lipstick color is for feminine, gentle girls. Fresh orange color mixed with gentle coral pink. In addition, coral orange also brings novelty, sensuality, and sophistication.

6. Orange lipstick

This bright orange color will help you to be full of life, even in the hot, tiring summer, you are still beautiful. Orange lipstick has many colors, from bright orange, and red-orange to pink-orange, earth-orange… All of them are very popular with women.

Which colors are best for a winter look?

In winter, bold matte lipsticks will be most popular because it brings a warm feeling and is suitable for year-end festivals.

1. Brick red lipstick

Brick red lipstick

Brick red is one of the favorite deep tones in the sisters’ lipstick list when winter comes. This lipstick color has a bit of a classic direction but is very trendy and easy to combine with any outfit. However, the most prominent feature of brick red lipstick that makes girls fall in love is that this deep tone is suitable for all skin tones, no matter how difficult it is to please.

2. Red-brown lipstick

If you are afraid that brick red tones can make you look older than your real age, then choose a more youthful tone, which is red-brown. Red-brown is also a color that is not picky, but it also gives you a youthful look and is equally warm for the cold winter.

3. Pink purple lipstick

Pink purple lipstick

It can be considered one of the picky lipstick colors that are still popular and enthusiastically promoted this winter. Purple pink is inherently only for girls with white skin, but with a little more dark brown blend, this lipstick color has become a trend on the palette of many famous lipstick brands.

4. Earthy orange lipstick

Earthy orange color has become the secret of great beauty for all lips. Back in the winter, the classic earthy orange tone has always won the hearts of the sisters and has never cooled down in any season of the year. If in the summer, every girl who uses earth orange tones has a youthful and fresh feeling, but when it comes to winter oranges bring warmth, cool down, and blend with all skin tones.

What lipstick colors are best for a dramatic look?

1. Peach color

The peach color is a mix of bright orange with sweet pink. As a result, creating a much softer lipstick tone. This is one of the most beautiful lipstick colors and is suitable for all skin types. However, for dark-skinned women, the peach color is deeper, more brown or orange to be able to perfectly neutralize skin pigmentation.

Peach color lipstick will help pale-skinned girls become fresher and more impressive. In particular, this lipstick color enhances the fragile and feminine beauty of the girlfriend when combined with appropriate makeup and dress.

2. Coral color

Coral lipstick color is inspired by the color of coral layers. They come in a wide variety of colors and come in bright, vibrant, warm, and soft shades. Therefore, it helps girls exude a modern and youthful look when applied to their lips.

In addition, beautiful lipstick colors such as coral color have many advantages such as helping to cover all defects on the lips effectively such as dark lip color, uneven lip color, or unclear lip contour.

Coral color

This lipstick color is also extremely eye-catching and bright, so it will distract the eyes from the lips, especially when you skillfully combine it with beautiful dyed hair color. Not picky skin.

Whether you have a dark, dark, or uneven skin tone, you should not ignore coral lipstick. Because it will help your face look fresh and radiant without having to have a sophisticated makeup layer.

3. Trendy red lipstick

Red lipstick is one of the lipstick colors that have been used for a long time. However, it never goes out of date. Because it brings charm and irresistible attraction. In addition, when applying red lipstick, enhances the skin and creates the effect of making the teeth look whiter.

As a result, it helps to increase confidence and grace in daily communication. However, you need to choose the right red tone to have the most delicate and perfect makeup.

What are the best ways to apply lipstick?

How to apply beautiful lipstick for thin lips

Step 1: Use the foundation

The first step to applying lipstick for thin lips, you should lightly cover them with foundation or concealer. This holy secret will help you erase the thin line of your lips. The trick is that instead of using your hands, you should use a small brush to spread the cream and only use a sufficient amount at the corner of your lips, avoiding the lips from looking unnatural.

Step 2: Line your lips

As the next step, to contour your lips to be fuller, all you need is a suitable lip liner. You can use a lip liner with nude tones or the same color as your lipstick to fill your lips. Girls who are applying lip liner for the first time, should draw short lines first, then reconnect them so that they are balanced and fit.

Step 3: Fill your lips with your favorite lipstick color

Next, apply the lipstick color you like, how to fill the lips will create a full effect for thin lips. And the last step is indispensable for a layer of lip gloss to create depth for the lips. At the same time, the moisturizing layer in the lip gloss will help your lips be softer and much thicker.

How to apply beautiful lipstick for thick lips

Sexy thick lips are always the model of healthy Western girls. However, if you have low self-esteem and want to create a slim line for your lips, you can refer to how to apply beautiful lipstick for thick lips in How To Choose Right Lipstick Color. Similar to the basic steps of applying lipstick for thin lips, you can also use concealer to cover the flaws of thick lips:

In the first step, you also need a sufficient amount of concealer, use the brush to spread evenly at the corner of the lips. Then use a lip liner to narrow the lines and move inward, creating a slim line for the lips. Choose a nude lip liner or a lighter color to contour the lips to help the lips look the most natural.

Use your favorite lip color to fill in your lips. To choose the right lipstick color for thick lips, you should avoid using too bright lipstick because it only makes your lips thicker. Instead, dark lipstick without shadow will be the safest choice.

How to apply lipstick

Originating from the Korean-style makeup trend, lipstick is loved by many girls because of its ability to bring out a sweet, feminine look. This lip brush is very simple, even girls who apply lipstick for the first time can easily apply it in the following 3 steps:

Use your favorite matte lipstick, and gently apply it on the inside of the lips.
Use a brush or fingers to spread the lipstick from the center of the lips outwards.
Lightly press a few times to make the lipstick color even and more natural.
A small suggestion for you before applying lipstick, you should use a concealer layer on the lip line to help the lipstick to be standard and matte.

How to apply lipstick on full lips

To properly apply full lipstick, you must first apply a light base so that the lipstick color is the most standard color. Next, use a brush to spread the lipstick in the center of the lips outward to the lip line. Pay attention not to use too much lipstick to smudge the lip line, causing unsightly.

Trick you to use a lip liner of the same color as the lipstick you choose to apply on your lips, helping your lips look natural and balanced. How to brush full lips is the perfect choice for girls with thin lips who want to be fuller. To have as vibrant lips as they want, girls should consider choosing lipsticks that are suitable for each type of makeup.

Tips for Matching Lipstick to Your Skin Tone

Choose lipstick color by age

Under 20: Bold color is not suitable for this age because it will lose inherent youthfulness. Should use lip gloss stick or liquid form with light color, liquid form will help the face fresher.

Over 20: This age has a lot of choices depending on the situation and makeup tone. You can use bright and gentle lipstick colors such as baby pink, orange-red… or bold, impressive colors for those who love personality and break the way.

Over 30: Bold colors may be the best choice for girls this age. The appropriate color gamut will be wine red, sepia, etc. to create a charm for the face.

Middle-aged: Choose light colors, do not use bold colors, for example, dark red, dark orange, dark pink…

How to choose lipstick color according to skin tone

Bright skin:

If you have bright and healthy skin, you should choose lipstick with pink colors such as pink, coral color, or peach pink … will help your lips look natural, fresh, feeling pure, and sweet. You should choose the overall color according to the makeup tone on the entire face. If your skin is bluish-white or pale white, be sure to choose lipsticks with deep pink or deep red to add vitality to the face.

Tan skin:

The orange-red, medium-red tone is the perfect choice for people with dark skin. Because this tone is applied to the skin, it feels more even.

Brown yellow skin:

This skin color looks very healthy, and full of life, so dark tones will be the best choice, as light colors like pink, coral, brown, and red. However, this skin type should stay away from nude lipstick, it makes your lips blend into your skin color, even if the skin color is more prominent than the lips, making the overall face look not bright, like a sick person. Bright red, red-orange, and pink lotus are also not smart choices for brown skin.

These guidelines may help you, but they are not guidelines. Remember that everyone will have different preferences and makeup styles. The best lipstick shade may not depend on your skin tone, so it’s a good idea to try different colors.

To make the lipstick last longer, use a lip liner to fill the entire lip before applying lipstick. This way the lips still retain the color after the lipstick wears off. In addition to skin tone, you should also pay attention to hair color. For dark hair color should choose bright, fresh lipstick colors like pink, or peach.

Blonde hair color and tanned skin should be caramel, ocher, or warm pink. Brown hair, medium skin choose beige, coral,…

Hope the article How To Choose Right Lipstick Color will provide useful information for you.

Thank you for your reading!

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