How To Care For A Lipstick Plant

A lipstick flower is a flower with a unique shape, and vibrant color, and is very popular as an interior flower and balcony flower. Besides, lipstick flowers are also very easy to grow and care for, How To Care For A Lipstick Plant will help you learn right away how to grow and care for lipstick flowers for flowers all year round.

What is a lipstick plant?

The lipstick plant, scientifically known as Aeschynanthus radicans, is a houseplant that has red or maroon tubular flowers that resemble a lipstick tube. The lipstick plant is also a member of the Gesneriaceae flower family.

Lipstick Plant

In Southeast Asia which is their native homeland, lipstick plants often grow as epiphytes, also known as plants that grow on other trees. If you want to keep them as houseplants, you can style them into their favorite tropical climate through indoor temperature control and misting systems.

They grow like vines, so they make a great home decoration. This is the first information in How To Care For A Lipstick Plant.

Botanical characteristics of the lipstick plant

The lipstick tree is also known as lipstick orchid, lipstick orchid, Taurus… The lipstick plant is a semi-shade-loving plant, commonly found in tropical regions of Asia. The lipstick tree belongs to the line of vines, drooping stem is about 20cm – 30cm long, soft stem, glossy green leaves, symmetrically grown, pointed ovate at the tip or lance-shaped.

The lipstick flower is bright red, and tubular, and has a unique shape like lipstick, along with a passionate and passionate fragrance. Not only full color, lipstick flowers are still quite long fading, often blooming for more than 10 days to fade.

So lipstick flower is one of the perfect flowers for a hanging pot, or an interior plant. They are loved by many people because of their beautiful shape, long-lasting color, ease of cultivation, and docile care. This is the next information in How To Care For A Lipstick Plant.

The meaning of lipstick plant

With a bright red color like fire and a warm fragrance like sweet honey, the lipstick flower symbolizes the iron heart, loyalty in love, and friendship. Besides, the beautiful, red lipstick flowers on the background of green leaves will help you enjoy and relax when looking at them.

The soft drooping shape of the lipstick is suitable for growing in hanging pots on balconies, porches, cafes, and restaurants, …. Bringing a graceful and romantic beauty to the tree space.

The lipstick tree is also chosen as a rare flowering interior plant. It is recommended to display lipstick plants in locations where there is a lot of diffused light coming in windows, and glass doors…


The lipstick tree is also planted in pots and displayed on art iron shelves in the living room very beautifully. The flowers are as vibrant as the warm welcome of the host. The lipstick tree has a bright color meaning to express the iron heart, loyalty, eternity in love, and friendship.

With a beautiful shape and deep meaning, the lipstick flower tree is chosen as a meaningful gift for loved ones. People also plant lipstick trees in combination with some other plants to form a charming flower pot. This is the next information in How To Care For A Lipstick Plant.

How to take care of lipstick plants

The lipstick plant belongs to the shade-loving plant, so it can be grown very beautifully indoors. When planting and caring for lipstick trees, we need to pay attention to:

Light: The lipstick plant likes partial light, likes bright light but does not tolerate intense heat, so it needs to be shaded in the summer, avoiding direct outdoor exposure. If growing lipstick orchids indoors, the appropriate location is near a west or south-facing window where there is diffused light.

Temperature: The lipstick plant likes cool, and tolerates heat and cold poorly. The suitable temperature for the tree is 18-26 degrees Celsius, the tree will die when it is too cold or too sunny. Do not hang lipstick under the air conditioner.


Humidity: lipstick plants are suitable for medium humidity.

Soil: If you plan to hang your lipstick plant, the lighter the soil, the better. The soil suitable for this plant is humus-rich loamy soil, supplemented with coir, and smoked rice husks, mixed with coal slag, and lining the bottom of the pot to increase drainage.

Watering: the lipstick plant’s roots are quite sensitive to moisture, and the roots and stems are easily rotten, so it needs to be watered in moderation. Should be watered in the morning when the soil on the pot surface is slightly dry. The leaves and flowers of the lipstick plant are many, but the stem is quite succulent, so the water requirement is also moderate.

Fertilizing: For lipstick plants should periodically fertilize every 15 days with smart multi-micronutrient fertilizers for easy digestion. When the plant is flowering, it should be applied intensively so that the flowers are fuller and the flower colors are more vibrant.

In addition, How To Care For A Lipstick Plant also wants to warn you about propagating lipstick plants by cuttings.

Some notes when planting and decorating lipstick plant


For the roots to develop, the tree with many branches needs to be moved to a larger pot when the tree is in the growing stage. When transferring lipstick plants, pay attention to:

– The pot diameter is 5-10cm larger than the old pot and has a drainage hole.

– Prevent clogging of drainage holes by using pieces of earthenware or coal slag, and charcoal on the bottom of the pot.

– Cut off excess roots with sharp scissors.

– Avoid breaking the pot, watering after planting, and placing the pot in a shady, ventilated place.

Because it is a shade-loving plant, the roots are also quite sensitive to moisture, and the roots and stems are easy to rot, so the lipstick tree does not need too much water. You just need to water moderately, about 1-2 times/day.

The lipstick plant is the perfect home decor flower for hanging baskets. The flowers are very beautiful, fragrant, and long-lasting. If you also like lipstick plants, plant a few pots right away to hang on the balcony and corridor for beauty. Hope the article How To Care For A Lipstick Plant will provide useful information for you.


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