How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Simple

Besides lipstick, liquid lipstick is also popular with many women and chooses to serve their beauty. How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Simple will guide you through the simplest lip balms to have a natural beauty like the stars.

For a long time, lip balm has been loved by many beauty followers because of its thin and light texture and almost watery liquid. Not only that, but they also have a bright and diverse color palette such as red, orange, and pink, … to help them become more feminine and attractive.

Liquid lipstick

Lip tint is also known as water lipstick. With a liquid texture as light as water, tint lipstick has excellent color adhesion, which is considered the longest-lasting lipstick. The liquid lipstick is thin and light, so there is absolutely no feeling of heaviness when hitting the lips, creating a plump, smooth, seductive effect on the lips.


However, the disadvantage of this lipstick is that it makes the lips dry, it is quite difficult to remove makeup, and is not too suitable for those who unfortunately own dark lips. In addition, currently on the cosmetic market, there are non-matt tint lipsticks that help you apply lip makeup more easily. This is the first information in How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Simple.

How to apply lip balm-type lip

Supplies to prepare to include:

– Liquid lipstick (color of your choice)
– Concealer (or foundation color file with facial skin)
– Cotton swab


First, you need to use concealer to lightly apply on the lips, then spread evenly to cover the dark pigmentation as well as the lip contour. Then, you can apply lipstick on the inside of the lips. Note, you should only use a sufficient amount because if you use a lot, the lipstick will easily smudge, and even stick to your teeth, causing extreme aesthetic loss.


Next, use a cotton swab or your finger to gently spread the lipstick from the center of the lips to the outside of the border. Finally, lightly press your lips back and forth a few times to make the lipstick more even. So you have completed a beautiful lip gloss.

This type of lip balm helps to create a soft, feminine feeling and exudes natural and gentle beauty for every girl. This is the first tip in How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Simple.

How to paint full lips with liquid lipstick

Supplies to prepare to include:

– Lipstick (color of your choice)
– Concealer (or tinted foundation with facial skin)
– Nude lip liner


First, apply concealer on your lips with a thin layer, then use a pencil to draw around the lip line to shape the most accurate lip shape. Then, use a brush to apply the lipstick evenly on your lips, being careful not to get them out of the lip line.


For the lipstick to be properly colored and more beautiful, you should only apply lipstick in layers until you get the desired color. That is, you apply lipstick on the bottom lip first, after they dry, then apply it on the upper lip. This type of full-lip lipstick helps her to be more attractive, sexy, and somewhat more dynamic and personality.

Note to apply beautiful standard lipstick

Use a lip liner to make your lipstick even more beautiful. In addition, you should use more concealer and lip liner to help the lipstick color evenly and stick to the lips longer. Due to the easily drying and revealing properties of lip balm, you should exfoliate your lips regularly, about 2-3 times a week. This will make the lips smoother and more lipstick.


Use lip balm regularly to make your lips soft and less dark. You should use lip balm regularly. Because they not only help lips stay moist but also have the ability to limit dark lips.
Before using a liquid lipstick, you should mix them well or shake it gently to prevent the lipstick from settling on the bottom.

This also helps the lipstick to be softer and easier to apply on the lips. This is also an interesting tip that How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Simple shares. You should also avoid biting your lips too much (about 3 times is fine) when applying lipstick.

Because they will cause lipstick to smear out and have uneven color. Therefore, you can use a cotton swab, lipstick brush, or fingers to gently spread the lipstick so that they are more evenly colored without smearing.

Take care of your lips properly so that your lipstick will come in standard color

Like all make-up styles, if you want to wear beautiful lipstick, removing makeup and taking care of your lips is indispensable. That’s the next note in How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Simple.

Use specialized makeup remover

Although the lipstick is quite natural, the mixture of matte lipstick, cream lipstick, and cushion also adheres very well and lasts quite a long time. Using specialized eye and lip makeup remover is the fastest way to regenerate smooth, healthy lips.

Removed makeup, but dead skin layers still exist, making lipstick patchy and uneven. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week will help lips color correctly.

Exfoliate your lips regularly

Just like facial skin, lips also need exfoliation. Especially, for those of you who have dry, cracked, and often peeling lips, it is impossible to ignore. Exfoliating not only makes lips smoother but also helps nutrients from lip balms and lip masks penetrate better.

Since then, the lips gradually become rosy, reducing dark circles. When you have a smooth, moist lip base, the lipstick also adheres to the lips better and does not have the phenomenon of smudging.

Hope the article How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Simple will provide useful information for you.

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