What Type Of Lipstick Should I Wear? 4 Best Methods To Choose

What Type Of Lipstick Should I Wear? Lipstick is an indispensable item for modern women. But not all lipsticks can be used by women because each lipstick color will be suitable for each face and skin tone. Continue reading our article to learn 4 tips to choose the right lipstick for yourself.

What Type Of Lipstick Should I Wear?

1. Choose a lipstick color by your age

What Type Of Lipstick Should I Wear

  • Under 20: Bold color is not suitable for this age because it will lose inherent youthfulness. Should use lip gloss stick or liquid form with light color, liquid form will help the face fresher.
  • Over 20: This age has a lot of choices depending on the situation and makeup. Should use lipstick colors with bright, gentle colors such as pink, light pink, lotus pink, and coral …
  • Over 30: Bold colors may be the best choice for girls this age. The appropriate color gamut will be wine red, sepia, cockroach wings, or orange … to create a charm for the face.
  • Middle-aged: What Type Of Lipstick Should I Wear if I am over 30? Let’s choose light colors, do not use dark red.

2. Choose lipstick color according to skin

You are lucky that you own light skin because this skin is not picky about lipstick color. The thing to note is at what time, What Type Of Lipstick Should I Wear?

What Type Of Lipstick Should I Wear

Choosing lipstick with pink colors such as pink, coral, apricot, and peach … will help lips look natural, fresh, feeling pure and sweet. This color tone is suitable for young faces You should choose in accordance with the overall color according to the makeup tone on the entire face. If your skin is bluish-white or pale white, be sure to choose lipsticks with deep pink or deep red to add vitality to the face.

  • If you have dark skin:

Brown or berry lipsticks are great choices for darker skin tones. Also, you can choose lipstick colors honey, red wine, or crimson. The orange-red, medium-red tone is the perfect choice for people with dark skin. Because this tone is applied to the skin, it feels more even.

  • If you have honey skin:

Using wine red will make you look very attractive, while peach pink will make your skin more radiant.

This skin color looks very healthy, and full of life, so dark tones will be the best choice, light colors, pink, coral, brown, and red. However, this skin type should stay away from lipstick with skin color, it makes your lips blend in with your skin color, even if the skin color is more prominent than the lips, making the overall face look not bright, like a sick person. Bright red, red-orange, and pink lotus are also not smart choices for brown skin.

3. Choose lipstick color according to your base lip color

Choose a lipstick shade one to two tones darker than your lip color. Depending on the light or dark lip color, the lipstick when applied has different colors. Therefore, it is recommended to apply a primer too dark lips before applying lipstick.

4. Choose a lipstick that matches your lip shape

What Type Of Lipstick Should I Wear

  • Thin lips:

Dark lipstick such as red, black red, dark purple, glossy brown, and dark purple … will be your enemies, they will make your lips look more fragile. Lipsticks with light and light colors such as peach, orange, beige, coral pink, lotus pink, etc. Lip glosses, with extra shimmer, give you soft, natural, and thick lips. pack on it.

  • Thick lip:

Lipsticks with bold tones such as dark red, bright red, golden yellow, etc. will be very suitable for people with thick lips. Lip gloss, lip gloss will be your enemy, they make your lips glossy, and thicker. Use matte lipstick!

Shopping for Lipstick in the right way

Step 1: Before you buy the lipstick, try it on. Use a test brush or a cotton swab to apply the color to your lips after cleaning the tester with a little alcohol (the retailer should give this in a spray bottle). Test the lipstick on the pads of your fingertips if you don’t want to put it on your lips. Your wrist or the side of your hand is further from the color of your lips than your fingers.

Step 2: Before applying the next lip color, totally remove the previous one. Otherwise, you’ll be combining different hues. For lotion or makeup remover, ask a salesperson.

Step 3: Make sure the location is well-illuminated.

Step 4: With little to no additional facial makeup on, try lipstick. Look for a color that will brighten your face and eliminate the need for further makeup when worn alone.

Step 5: At the cosmetics counter, request assistance. It might be challenging to determine what fits us the best on an objective basis. The proper hue may be matched for you by a professional at the cosmetics counter.


Above are 4 ways to know What Type Of Lipstick Should I Wear to beautify depending on age, lip color, lip type, and skin color, you can have a lipstick color that suits you best.

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