Top 10 Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin of 2022

Lipstick is one of the indispensable makeup items in every girl’s bag. A Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin will help your face become fresher and more radiant than ever. Especially the matte lipstick, a long-lasting lipstick that makes you confident in all situations. Reviewing our top 10 Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin will help you refer to the most beautiful lipstick colors.

Top 10 Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin of 2022

1. Clio Mad Matte Tint Lipstick

Clio is a Korean cosmetic line that owns many quality product lines such as powder, concealer, and powder, lipstick, … With high-quality criteria and reasonable prices, many girls believe thought use.

Clio Mad Velvet Tint Lipstick is the perfect combination of the texture of the soft cotton cream lipstick line, no matter how many layers of the lips are spread, it will not be heavy on the lips. In contrast, Clio Mad Matte Tint matte lipstick contains soft, dry moisture that reveals lip grooves.

2. Peripera Ink Lacquer

Surely every woman has ever owned a Peripera lipstick because of the cuteness of the product and the top color adhesion of this lipstick line. This collection of 5 Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin also belongs to the ones that are very easy to use.

Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin

Unique and beautiful lipstick design. Peripera Ink Lacquer lipstick has a standard color in just one brush, but it is a bit thick and heavy on the lips. If your lips are too dry, you should use a layer of lip balm before using this Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin to avoid peeling skin. The lipstick color lasts a long time even after eating and drinking.

3. A’pieu True Matte Fluid Lipstick

One of the most popular lipstick lines and the richest palette is probably A’pieu True Matte Fluid. After Lip Stain Matte Fluid in the previous release, this innovation has the following outstanding advantages:

  • Square lipstick design, eye-catching to see the lipstick color inside
  • Extremely matte lipstick color, files into the lips quickly
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients to prevent lips from drying out

Impressive and diverse palette suitable for every girl’s skin tone and lip color. However, it will leave lip grooves if your lips are too dry.

4. Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Tint Ver.7

Black Rouge has just launched a new collection of Velvet Crown, full of impressive colors that will make you unable to resist these colors. Still has the familiar design of the square lipstick shell, but the cap is created in a lovely shimmering pink-gold color.

Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin

The Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin has a pleasant sweet candy smell but it goes away quickly so it won’t cause any discomfort. Note, if you like the longest-lasting lipstick, you should choose colors that are redder to be more durable.

5. Innisfree Airy Matte Tint Lipstick

Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin

Innisfree is a famous lipstick brand from Korea that must be very familiar to you. This is the longest-lasting lipstick line. The lipstick is very smooth, matte, and thin without feeling heavy on the lips. With high nourishment, Innisfree matte lipstick is not as easy to dry as other lipsticks.

6. Romand Zero Velvet Tint lipstick

Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin

Romand Zero Velvet Tint lipstick from Korea has almost won everyone’s love. Although it is a popular lipstick line, it is always in the top 10 of the beautiful Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin. Romand produces a lot of super pretty lipstick colors with top-notch color retention no less than Black Rouge, Clio, or Peripera. With a beautiful color palette and a slight matte effect, Bbia lipstick is very suitable for girls to apply light lipstick or full lips.

7. Merzy The First Velvet Tint Season 3 (Red Edition)

It must be said that Merzy is always a lipstick with its own characteristics. Compared to previous versions, this time Merzy The First Velvet Tint V13 is for girls with personality. This lipstick change is quite impressive and beautiful, making everyone want to own it as soon as they see it because of the splash effect. Soft beveled brush contours lip easily, up to standard color.

8. Lemonade Supernatural Matte Lip cream

If you are a person who likes a personality Western brown makeup style, then the Lemonade lipstick set by Beauty Blogger will make you fall in love. This Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin has an impressive design with a transparent shell that can see the lipstick color inside.

Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin

The Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin brush head is beveled 30 degrees, the size is just enough to apply on the lips most conveniently. The lipstick is fragrance-free, so even the most sensitive can still use it.

The liquid matte lipstick is lighter than other lipstick brands, when applied to the lips, you will have enough time for you to spread the Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skink evenly before the color files into the lips. Good lip color adhesion even in contact with water.

9. Dear Dahlia Sensuous Matte Lip Suit

An ultralight liquid lipstick that glides on easily with a silky to matte finish. The highly pigmented formula with a hydrating air-matching texture completes your lips with vibrant color. Dear Dahlia Sensuous Matte Lip Suit contains patented Dahlia flower extract and certified organic sweet almond oil. Argan oil, shea butter, and cocoa bean butter, the nourishing formula naturally comforts and protects lips.

10. Art Class Nuage Lip Too Cool For School

Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin

Scored with super soft velvet lipstick, thin and light like cotton, making it easy to apply lipstick, from which lips become plump. Product packaging is simple but still has a distinct personality. Lipstick ingredients contain rosehip oil to provide nutrients for fresh, gentle lips. One minus point is that the Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin this time by Too Cool For School is only suitable for light fair tones.


Evaluate the top 10 beautiful Best Matte Lipstick For Fair Skin above based on their favorite and best-selling over time. Hope you will choose for yourself a favorite lipstick color with your own personality and confidence for your face to always shine.

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