The Most Detailed Classification Of All Types Of Lipstick

Lipstick is an item that is no stranger, even to say that it is very familiar to women. But not everyone can fully understand the nature of the popular lipstick on the market. The Most Detailed Classification of All Types of Lipstick will help you better understand the current lipsticks on the market.

What is lipstick?

Lipstick is a cosmetic that applies to the lips to create colors, create a smoother surface, and cover the lips’ imperfections. Also to care for and protect your lips. The lipsticks often contain the main color of color, oil, wax, and soft skin.

Today, lipsticks have become very familiar to us, especially to women. However, few people know that this product has a very interesting history and spent a long way with a lot of changes to become the lipstick we still use today. Along with the development of lipsticks in terms of quality, style, durability, safety level, and diversity in color.

The thinking of society also changes and becomes more open to lipstick. So far, lipstick has become too popular and has almost become an integral part of every girl. This is the first information in The Most Detailed Classification of All Types of Lipstick.

Types of lipstick on the market

Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is a lipstick with the main ingredient of kaolin, this is a clay containing many nutrients and minerals. The kaolin helps make the matte lipstick two basic properties, which is:

There is no glossy, color-durable, or long-lasting effect. This means that the color of lipstick when painted and when it is not almost completely the same.

Matte Lipstick

Oil absorption, dehumidifying so it will easily cause dry lips. At the same time, the ability to absorb moisture makes it impossible for lipstick to contain solvents so it is not possible to have additional lip care nutrients.

Matte lipstick is very durable, up to standard, and dark in color, this is a lipstick that suits the youthful, seductive, and strong style. At the same time, it is also a powerful tool to cover the defects of the lips such as dark lips, such as dark lips.

But because it is easy to dry the lips, you do not forget to use lip balm before applying lipstick to make lipstick. This is the first lipstick in The Most Detailed Classification of All Types of Lipstick.

Lip Tint

Tint lipstick is a liquid, lightweight lipstick, so it will not be in the form of a snake but it is stored in a jar and using a brush to apply lipstick. However, perhaps that is why sometimes people call it lipstick.

Despite the light liquid texture, the tint lipstick sticks very well, is long-lasting, and even has almost the longest lipstick, so you are completely assured of the lipstick color even if you have to eat or drink something.

Lip Tint

Tint and matte lipstick are all types of lipstick with good color grip, but the liquid texture of tint lipstick makes it thinner, with no heavy feeling when used as a matte lipstick. In return, tint lipstick has another disadvantage which is inferior to matte lipstick, which is a light liquid cream that will be difficult to cover the defects of the lips, such as dark lips.

Among lipsticks, tint lipstick is known as the highest grip, so lipstick tint is difficult to remove makeup. If you use tinted lipstick, you just determine to buy more water bottles and makeup removers to clean the lipstick, ensuring the hygiene of the lips.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is lipstick when used will create gloss for the lips, creating a sweet, lovely, and most important feeling for people around them. Most lip glosses on the market are in the form of gel, accompanied by a brush, and there are some types of lip gloss in the form of a tube.

Lip Gloss

When using lip gloss, you should not pout but hit a little in the middle, then use a brush to spread evenly to keep the most standard shine. Among the lipsticks, this lipstick line has poor color fastness, easy to drift, and of course, is accompanied by color level and will not be as accurate as a matte lipstick.

In addition, those who first use lip gloss will feel a bit uncomfortable because of the stickiness on the lips, when used for a long time, they will gradually feel familiar. In addition, long hair if not tied hair will be easily sticky with this lipstick. This is the next lipstick in The Most Detailed Classification of All Types of Lipstick.

Creame Liptint

Like lipstick, cream lipstick also has a liquid texture, also contained in a jar, and used a brush to apply lipstick. The characteristic of cream lipstick is more wax than oil, so this lipstick has a high color matte, color fastness, and extremely good anti-drifting to ensure no color loss after eating.

Creame Liptint

But because the amount of wax is high, the cream will also make you feel dry. At first, when it was new, it was very smooth, but after a while, it would be hard, some of you will feel smooth as velvet, but sometimes it will be a heavy and uncomfortable feeling.

Pearly and Frosted Lipstick

Emulsion lipstick is a highly glossy lipstick, when painted on the lips, it will create sparkling, metallic effects. Although the emulsion is called Pearl, do not be confused because in the emulsion there is no component from pearls. The main ingredient is from fish scales, including mica or silica crystals to create sparkling effects.

Pearly and Frosted Lipstick

Because of that sparkling effect, the emulsion is often used by girls at parties and events because it makes us stand out and impress with a sparkling, radiant lip under the light.
The disadvantage of lipstick is that it can easily cause dryness, and chapped skin, so when you use this lipstick, never forget to use lip balm first. This is the next lipstick in The Most Detailed Classification of All Types of Lipstick.

Color Changing Lipstick

This lipstick is also a wind lipstick, a type of lipstick capable of changing colors based on the body condition of the user. This miraculous change thanks to the special color dye component is capable of reacting with pH and body temperature.

Color Changing Lipstick

But the pH and body temperature of each person is different, even for each person in each environment, each health situation or emotion will be different and the result is another lipstick color. This is interesting that lipstick has created a small fever in the hearts of young people.

However, then the movement to use wind lipstick settled down because even if it is possible to change the color, the amount of color is not too diverse until recently, the wind lipstick has been popular again. This is the next lipstick in The Most Detailed and long-lasting of All Types of Lipstick.

Long-Wearing and Transferresistant Lipsticks

Long -lasting lipstick is a lipstick that contains high molecular compounds to prevent drifting. At the same time, using a variety of synthetic pigments and eats the advantage of being superior to the lipsticks on the market and, with beautiful colors, seductive.

Long Wearing and Transferresistant Lipsticks

However, both of these ingredients make lips vulnerable, and dry. The lesions are worse when you have to use strong makeup remover to remove the lipstick on the lips. In particular, because of the amount of Tar Colors coloring over an intense long time, it is difficult to wash, making the lips deposited and become more intense after a long time of use.

Lip Balm

The lips are also the skin, and if the skin has products to care for by moisturizing and replenishing nutrients, the lips are the same. The product that hand helps to care for lips is nothing else the lip balm helps the lips smooth, healthy, and full of vitality.

Lip Balm

The main ingredients in lip balm are often natural ingredients that have a great effect in moist and during and providing nutrients such as vitamin E, glycerin, aloe vera, essential oil, and butter …

We can use many different types of lipstick, in many makeup styles or according to each person’s personal preferences but lip balm is an indispensable produced t. This is the next lipstick in The Most Detailed Classification of All Types of Lipstick.

Lip Liner Pencil

This close ally important product line compared to lipstick, and lip balm because it will help you perfect makeup for your lips. Before applying lipstick, you use the lip pencil to close to the irregular areas on the outside of the lips to shape, no smudging, more standard shape.

Lip Liner Pencil

I temporarily call this an outline, to shape the lipstick, preventing the lipstick from drifting out. Not only to draw close your es but lip pencils can also be used to cover the lips and then use other lipsticks to get bold, attractive colors and especially help with the lipstick longer last.

You can even close your lips like conventional lipstick. Because the goal is to keep the lips, the texture of the lip lead is also in a more solid form, with more wax, less oil, dark color.

Hopefully, the most detailed classification of all types of lipstick will provide useful information for you.

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