The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick- The Best Present For Your Girl

Emblematic representations of the House continue to provide ideas for novel possibilities that defy convention. This limited-edition Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick includes the Alessandro Michele-designed Gucci Bloom 100ml Eau de Parfum and the 25* “Goldie Red” Rouge à Lèvres Voile lipstick. Here is our detailed review of the lipstick and perfume in The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick.

The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick

About the Lipstick included in The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick: 25 lipstick The Gucci Red, or Goldie Red a semitransparent color with a sheer gloss and brilliant sheen. It is made with a moisturizing solution that applies easily and leaves behind a pleasant, light finish that can be built up and combined to produce unique hues and textures. The iconic rouge comes packaged in a priceless gold-toned case with an ivory lacquered cover with a lovely rosebud pattern on it. Dermatological testing has been done on this product.

The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick

About the Gucci Bloom Perfume: Gucci Bloom eau de parfum is a deep scent that takes the user to a fictitious garden. It combines natural tuberose and jasmine bud extract with the potency of the Rangoon Creeper, a rare flower first discovered in South India. The fragrance comes in a vintage powder pink lacquered container with a Gucci label appliqué that has the appearance of porcelain.

The overview of Lipstick- 25 Goldie Red (The Gucci Red)

1. Gucci 25 lipstick design:

In the list of the most expensive genuine lipsticks in the world, the Gucci Rouge À Lèvres Matte 25 lipstick in The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick still makes me look forward to the day before its debut. Partly thanks to the influence of the cult brand Gucci, and partly thanks to the sparkling, luxurious gold design. Compared to previous designs, this “suit” really has a strong “damage force”, especially for girls who love luxurious frivolous beauty.

If you love the classic, aristocratic form, you will surely fall in love with the design of this matte lipstick line of Gucci lipstick. Each stripe pattern on the lipstick body creates a simple look, which enhances the luxurious spirit of the brand. Not to mention every time I open the lipstick cap and hit my eyes, the “GUCCI” logo is stamped right on the lipstick body; The tip of the lipstick is delicately beveled, and the lid closes firmly.

The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick

Gucci 25 Goldie Red lipstick in The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick has a weight of 3.5g, is neither too heavy nor too light, easy to carry with you. One of the great advantages of this lipstick is the big lipstick core, not the pencil core like some of the following collections, used very redundantly, continuously it takes half a year to run out.

2. Color of Gucci 25 Goldie Red

Reviewing many red lipsticks, but when it comes to Gucci 25’s bright red lipstick, you have to stop for a beat and score a full ten. Admittedly, the “big guys” in the industry like Gucci, Tom Ford, or Dior all “read” the psychology of beauty believers very well, not only understanding what they need but also knowing how to make them love it. unconditionally, willing to devote (pocket out) to buying a home.

As simple as in the Gucci Rouge À Lèvres Matte collection, the Italian “big tree” gives women 34 tones, experiencing all shades, from lightness and freshness to deep, personality. There are even extremely cool tones, not everyone is brave enough to dress up. The best-selling among them is the Gucci lipstick color 25.

Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Matte 25 has a bright red color, but this red tone is very different from the usual reds on the market, not biased towards classicism, nor too prominent, but between the boundaries of traditional beauty. and modern. In addition to the red color, the lipstick in The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick also has a little more orange light, making the lips more youthful and radiant, not too “dull” like the classic red or plum red tones.

3. Gucci 25 lipstick: Smooth as velvet

The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick

If you are looking for a perfect matte lipstick from color to lipstick, Gucci 25 Goldie Red lipstick is not a bad choice. This lipstick is not only smooth but also very light, feels natural and comfortable like a second layer of leather, applied in many layers without thickening the lips or the phenomenon of color buckets and lumps. By the end of the day, the lipstick color may fade, but the lipstick is still as soft as the original.

Another plus point that makes it difficult for women to “hug” this Gucci 25 lipstick home right away is the standard color, does not tarnish over time, and is especially durable for up to 8 hours. Women who have comfortable eating habits, like eating greasy food, and lipstick color last about 6 hours.

An Overview of The Gucci Bloom Perfume:

1. Perfume bottle design

Gucci bloom review on design. In this Gucci Bloom launch, the Gucci brand gives everyone a breath of fresh air while keeping up with the Art Deco trend that is hitting the fashion world. It’s new here because we’ve always been familiar with Gucci fragrances through bottle designs made of youthful, modern shiny metal or glass.

But Gucci Bloom is a nude pink glazed porcelain that is both fancy and classic. The perfume bottle in this Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick looks like a finely crafted work and because it’s made of porcelain, it feels very comfortable when holding the product.

The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick

2. Perfume scent

Gucci Bloom review of the scent. Without much need to introduce, with the name and concept filled with floral images, you can probably guess that the main scent of Gucci Bloom is floral, right? Exactly, Gucci Bloom belongs to the Floral group of fragrances, and all the floral scents used to make her scent are especially the scent of white flowers.

3. Characteristic scent

First, the most gentle and gentle is honeysuckle, the scent is not obvious but contributes to making Gucci Bloom more perfect and feminine. Next is the rich and passionate scent of jasmine sambac, which is both ethereal but also mysterious like taking you into a lost space in the middle of a green flower forest.

The Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick

And finally, the most luminous, brilliant, and outstanding fragrance from white lily brings a soft, clean, and solemn effect, the fragrance seems to give women a sexy, powerful effect. still very natural, and close.

To balance and at the same time enhance all these floral scents, the makers have been very delicate in using the scent of iris root to help blend it all together into one scent. harmonious and complete. Perhaps that’s why when using it, it will be difficult for you to clearly distinguish between the layers of incense, instead, there is a sense of serenity like being immersed in the garden of Eden during every minute that Gucci Bloom covers. wrapped in women’s skin.

4. Perfume retention and fragrance

Gucci Bloom in general has the ability to store fragrance and smell at a good level, about 6-7 hours on the skin, and easily felt at a distance of about half an arm. That’s why adding a more pleasant fragrance that Gucci Bloom is really very versatile for women to use in many different weathers or situations, whether it’s a cool day or a cold one, whether it’s at work or at home. For dates or parties, you can wear this perfect “flower shirt”.


This wonderful Gucci Bloom Gift Set With Lipstick is sold on their official website, it you want to purchase it, let’s buy it as soon as possible. Thank you for reading and see you later!

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