The 5 Most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin Girls Should Try

If you’re a girl, you can’t be without colorful lipsticks in your bag, right? What are your favorite lipstick color and the makeup style do you usually do will be personal, natural, or glamorous? For girls who love Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin but still retain their personality and style, do you know all the most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin? Let’s find out now!

The 5 Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin girls should choose

1. Pale coral color

There are many opinions that pink is only for girls with fair or white skin, but in fact, people with dark skin can still use pink lipstick, as long as they choose the right tone. . Pale coral color is a suggestion for many skin tones. This is a lipstick with a blend of three colors: red, orange, and pink like the color of the coral. Therefore, this color tone brings a natural look and enhances the feminine beauty of each person’s lips.

 Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin

With each different makeup style, girls can apply lipstick with different styles. And for those who like light makeup, how to apply lipstick will be an absolute priority With coral color, stylish girls can choose the following brand lipsticks to own the most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin:

  • Mac Lipstick Coral Red Relentlessly Red
  • Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Coral Pink YSL Lipstick Color 12 – Nu Incongru
  • Tom Ford Lip Color Matte 35 Age Of Consent Coral Pink
  • Dior Addict Lip Tattoo 451 Natural Coral Coral Pink
  • Rouge Hermès Limited 27 Rose Inoui – Neon Coral Pink

2. Strawberry pink

Strawberry pink is a color that is quite bright and bold, so it is less popular and chosen. That’s right, if you use strawberry pink lipstick for makeup, it will lose its naturalness, and even look a lot older. However, if it is a lip balm or a rich strawberry pink lip balm, it will give you a completely different perspective on this lipstick color.

The strawberry pink lipstick color on the lip balm when applied on the lips is not dark, but will leave a rather light pink tone similar to the real lip color. Not only bring the most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin, but lip balm also helps moisturize and protect the lips, especially in the dry season. Top 5 beautiful Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin:

  • Dior Addict Lip Glow Ultra Pink 008 – Strawberry Pink
  • DIOR 102 Matte Raspberry Addict Lip Glow – Strawberry Pink
  • Sheer Color Fruit Juice Lipice – Sheer Color Fruit Juice
  • Maybelline Bloom Colored Lip Balm
  • The Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm

3. Nude pink

 Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin

Nude pink lipstick color is a combination of two pink colors and white wax powder, so it creates the most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin thanks to its pearly clarity. The lip color on the lips brings sweetness, and sophistication and adds a bit of glamor to plump lips. Nude pink is very easy to use, so it is extremely popular in the beauty industry.

The nude pink lipstick color when applied to the lips will be pale and blend into the lips, but not with outstanding colors, that’s why this lipstick color is quite picky with dark skin. The most suitable for this lipstick tone are yellow skin and bright white skin. 5 nude pink lipsticks for girls:

  • MAC Mull It Over 314 Nude Pink – Powder Kiss
  • Mac Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour 996 Date Maker Pink Nude
  • YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim 24 Rare Rose Nude Pink Lipstick
  • YSL 216 Nude Emblem Nude Emblem Pink
  • Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Pillow Talk Nude Pink

4. Nude orange

 Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin

Girls who love simplicity but still want to radiate young energy and dynamism can not ignore nude orange – also the most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin! This is also a hot trend lipstick color for Western girls because just wearing lipstick and no makeup, but the face is always bright. Top 5 nude orange lipsticks “delicious, nutritious, cheap”:

  • Clio Mad Matte Lips #06 Sensual Pepper
  • NYX Lingerie Color Seduction
  • ColourPop Lippie Stix in Brink
  • Espoir No Wear M in Modest
  • Maybelline Creamy Matte Nude Nuance

5. Brown orange

The brown-orange lipstick that seems like a brilliant lipstick color belongs to the list of the most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin. The reason is that this lipstick color is a bit bright, but it also has a deep, brown color, so it still creates an attractive look on the face. Brown orange has been, is, and will become a trend-leading color for many years to come. For a glamorous lipstick color, don’t be afraid to try the following lipsticks:

  • Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint A09
  • 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color 2016 – #116 Inked Heart
  • Bbia Last Velvet Lip Tint Version 5 colors 25
  • Mac Matte Velvet Teddy lipstick in brown orange
  • Espoir Modest BR901

How to choose the Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin?

Besides choosing the type of lipstick and how to apply lipstick to get the most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin, choosing the right lipstick color for the skin is also very important. There are a few notes for each different skin color.

1. Choose a lipstick color for bright white skin

 Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin

Bright white skin is the easiest skin tone to choose lipstick and almost do not have to “abstain” from any lipstick color. Whether it’s orange, red, pink, or brown, it can be hit on light skin. However, those of you with fair skin also need to pay attention to your lip color! Because the lip color is beautiful, the lipstick color when applied can reach the standard color. Besides, you also need to choose a lipstick color to match your makeup style and outfit, don’t be too confident that every lipstick will “smack” on your lips.

2. Note when choosing lipstick

To choose the most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin as well as to buy the best quality lipstick, you also need to grasp a few notes when choosing lipstick as follows:

  • Buy lipstick at reputable cosmetic stores to avoid buying fake lipstick, poor-quality lipstick, or backlog.
  • Try lipstick in places with natural light for the best lipstick color at the angle with the most natural light
  • The first priority is the lipstick with the right material for the lips, for example, for dry lips, choose lipstick with a lot of moisturizers, if you want long-lasting lipstick, choose matte lipstick, …
  • Choose a lipstick with SPF 18 or higher


The collection of the most Natural Lipstick For Fair Skin for stylish girls including lipstick colors: light coral pink, nude pink, nude orange, nude orange, and brown pink has shown the hotness and trend of pink and orange tones. – color tones that were once considered inferior to red tones. How about you? The 5 suggested lipstick colors above are suitable for your makeup style!

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