The 5 Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin You Should Try

The issue with reds is that they are plentiful. Almost every cosmetics company offers a variety of red lipsticks since without some type of red, a range of lipsticks doesn’t feel complete. We have a stack of Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin sitting in every corner of my room. Please don’t criticize me for this.

Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin

1. Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick, Bawse

Okay, now that you know I’ve tried a ton of Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin in the past, feast your eyes on my all-time favorite red lipstick, which I’m wearing in the two images above. This hidden gem has brought me several accolades, dates, jobs, and Instagram “likes.” This matte is the lightest matte I’ve ever worn; I almost don’t notice it. The way this color contrasts with my dark skin tone is what I adore the most. Murder is unheard of.

2. Ruby Woo MAC Cosmetics Lipstick

Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin

It wouldn’t be proper if I didn’t express my affection for Ruby Woo, the first red I ever fell for. Many women of color love this classic red tone since it’s so amazing. I came upon it when I was a teenager, and I haven’t let go since. The color takes the show with no qualms. A pleasant matte consistency that doesn’t feel overly sticky or drying on the lips is something MAC has always mastered.

3. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear

Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin

In my mind, Rihanna is my celeb bestie, and with this red dress, my hometown girl killed it. I really yelled when RiRi posted her first-ever lipstick tutorial revealing this hue on Instagram. I wanted to get my hands on this universal red since it appeared to be on another level. I will advise you to exercise caution if you plan to eat a lot. It frequently shifts during the day. Your selfie, however, will be a hit.

4. Sarafine, a liquid lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills

If it isn’t obvious by now, I adore reds that give your lips a bright pop of color. This crimson with a blue foundation does this and outlasts everything it comes into touch with. In my undergraduate years, I began to wear this color frequently, and I still advise all of my friends to do the same. Lip liner may easily be omitted if desired thanks to the pointed applicator.

5. Elson 013 by Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick

Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin

Leave it to the one and only Pat McGrath, the Mother of Makeup, to develop a sophisticated red that makes me feel like a mature lady. Blue-based reds, in my opinion, enhance our undertones and never seem too pale or ashy on dark complexion tones. This doesn’t feel like your standard matte; instead, it’s surprisingly moisturizing, and those two qualities don’t typically go together. To add depth, I like to put this over a red that is more vibrant.

6. Romance, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color

For $7, it’s quite difficult to top a bright red. When you’re in a hurry and need Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin you can get it at the nearby pharmacy that will outperform, this is one of those reds that will come in handy. In a single motion, its matte, velvety texture applies a stunning, opaque shade.

7. Beso Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by Stila Cosmetics

Another classic hue that I always keep at the front of my vanity is this one. I adore Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin, but I detest having to reapply it. Without including this key component, a non-budge formula is incomplete. Additionally, the color payoff is accurate and looks particularly gorgeous on dark skin.

8. Brazen Flesh Proud Matte Liquid Lipcolor

Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin

When I inform people that my red is from Linda Wells’s new range, Flesh Beauty, they are always pleasantly pleased. The reason is that since this line’s launch a few months ago, women of color are gradually learning that the items were designed with them in mind. After perusing her well-chosen assortment while wearing a full face of makeup, I became addicted to this striking red. I apply a balm to my lips first to moisten them before applying this red. Then, all of a sudden, compliments start to pour in. Because it is so intense, it is the perfect red to go with dark skin tones.

9. Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil, Dragon Girl

My amazing mentor Kahlana Barfield recommended this red, so if she (a star in the beauty world) recommends it, its reputation cannot be anything less than impeccable. Lip crayons easily return to the fundamentals. You don’t absolutely need a lip liner or even a very steady hand to apply this color because you can manage exactly how it will appear on your lips. This red tends toward the blazing red-orange end of the color spectrum and contains blue overtones.

10. Colored Raine Matte Lip Paint, Cherry Blossom

Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin

I’m always fixated on Black-owned beauty companies like Coloured Raine, which continuously prioritizes the needs of women of color. Since Essence Gant, senior beauty editor at Buzzfeed, recently reminded me of how beautiful this Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin is, I decided to take it out of my drawer this past weekend and give it a go. It did not let me down. It’s one of those selfie-worthy hues that will give you a radiant sense of self-assurance.


The compulsion is actual. Finding the Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin throughout the years has been a learning lesson. Although there have been a few rotten apples within the group, the positive ones should stand out. It was difficult, but I’ve compiled a list of the Best Red Lipsticks For Brown Skin. On these, feel free to cite me.

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