The 10 Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin Girls Should Have Ones

Many dark-skinned girls have a headache when they don’t know which lipstick tone to choose. But really, there are so many beautiful lipstick colors on dark skin that even white girls would envy! Let our team reveal to you the 10 Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin that everyone will fall in love with!

The 10 Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin Girls Should Have Ones

1. Romand Zero Velvet Tint Lipstick – Color #06 Deep Soul

Romand is a low-priced cosmetic brand from the roots of Ginseng, although it has not been established for a long time, this brand is gradually becoming more familiar to beauty enthusiasts because of its good quality, and affordable price. turn chestnuts.

Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin

The Romand Zero Velvet Tint lipstick line has a familiar cylindrical design. And this collection can not ignore color 06 Deep Soul for dark-skinned ladies. Red-brown is a lipstick color that is very popular recently because of the glamorous elegance that this Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin color brings. A red lipstick tone is not too deep, nor bright, quite easy to use, and to stand out more, she should wear makeup to make the overall face harmonious.

2. Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet – Color #A12 Dashed Brown

Black Rouge is so famous in the lipstick industry for its extremely hot matte lipsticks. This is always considered the darling of girls because of its good quality and extremely soft price. This brand was first launched in 2016 and quickly built a stable foothold in the market thanks to the creativity of each lipstick concept.

This Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin in season 2 makes a strong impression with its mysterious and mysterious purple color. A lipstick color with a familiar brown background, mixed with a little sweet pink color combined with a hot hit brick red to create an extremely unique retro effect. When you apply lipstick to your lips, you will not be surprised by the color of the lipstick. Small tips to stand out more combined with a few suitable makeup styles.

3. Merzy Bite The Beat Mellow Tint – Color 01

This is a quite famous Brand from the land of Kim Chi, Merzy has always affirmed her ability from packaging design to ingredients in each product. With countless different seasons with all tones and Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin, there is a very good red color in the Merzy Bite The Beat Mellow Tint line.

Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin

In addition to the familiar smooth and matte lipstick, the deep red-brown tone with a bit of neutral pink will be impossible to ignore. This Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin color is also quite easy when combined with makeup tones, especially skin tones, even if you only have a bare face, you can move comfortably.

4. Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint – Color A5

Continuing will be a suggestion for the girls from Black Rouge. In the popular versions, I will introduce to dark-skinned girls the first version with color A.05.

The Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin is contained in a red paper box with the brand logo printed along the lipstick which is quite simple but very attractive. With such a warm orange color, the girls will relax in choosing outfits and makeup, or sometimes being lazy to have a bare face also help you create accents with this lipstick color. The lipstick color brings youthfulness and dynamism without being picky about skin color or tooth enamel

5. Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint – Color 02 Vintage Ginger

Peripera is a Korean cosmetic brand under the management of Clio Professional. Peripera has always been aimed at teenage girls since its inception, making users fall in love with its extremely lovely design. With this lipstick line, the brand has designed a very beautiful test tube shape.

Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin

The Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin is contained in a plastic box with the name of the lipstick written on it. Color 02 is an interesting option worth trying for dark-skinned girls with a very hot earthy orange tone. This lipstick color will create a feeling of lightness, and femininity, without tarnishing tooth enamel. You can comfortably use this lipstick color every day without too much makeup.

6. Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense – Color #20 Red Pepper

Mamonde brand is a brand owned by Amore Pacific Corporation, which was born in 1991. This is also the boss in the field of beauty in Korea with names like Innisfree, Laneige, Etude house, etc.

Still a trendy orange color, but modified with a bit of red that is both strange and easy to use. With a very cool color mixing from the brand, it feels quite western, don’t worry about darkening the skin anymore. Mamonde has created a very unique line of Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense lipsticks, if you are attracted by the popular toner line, this Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin will surely satisfy you.

Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin

Revealing a small but martial lipstick when it has a matte finish and nourishes the lips without drying them out and without being heavy. The lipstick can stay on the lips for many hours without being washed out, at the end of the day it still leaves a tint that makes your lips pink so you don’t have to worry about your lips turning white.

7. 3CE Velvet Lip Tint – Near And Dear

3CE is a brand of Korean Stylenanda, a famous fashion and cosmetics brand in the land of Kim Chi. Near And Dear is an extremely youthful but equally charming earthy pink tone. The lipstick color is neither too deep nor too fresh, suitable for both dark-skinned and white-skinned girls.

8. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Double Dare

The second Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin has an earthy pink tone belonging to the Kat Von D line in Double Dare color. This is already a brand that is no stranger to beauty believers, always appreciated by beauty bloggers. From the extremely lemon peel to the very standard lipstick color, it will help dark-skinned girls highlight their personality with a slightly western makeup style that will create a stylish but still attractive look.

Best Lipstick Color For Brown Skin

9. BBIA Last Velvet Lip Tint Version 1- Color Extra Bounce

BBIA is a cosmetic brand made in Korea. Not only Korea, BBIA lipstick is also especially loved by women in Japan, China, and Vietnam. With a beautiful design that meets the essential needs of women, BBIA’s lipsticks always have a strong foothold in the market.

And the lipstick color we need to find is in Version 1- color Extra Bounce. This is considered the hottest and most prominent red-orange lipstick in the whole palette. She can skillfully apply makeup when applying lipstick to create a beautiful youthful dynamism.

If you are wondering, wondering if the red-orange tone is a bit cakey or colorful, the Childlike lipstick in the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint set of Childlike color is the true love for dark-skinned girls. This chic and trendy red-orange lipstick is also the most prominent orange tint among lipsticks. The lipstick color is extremely sharp and seductive without creating a feeling of being too bright when used.


Through this article, it can be seen that it is not too difficult for dark-skinned girls to choose the right lipstick color. The girls will no longer worry or be self-conscious about their skin, and feel free to dress up with trendy but easy-to-use lipstick colors.

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