Lipstick Guide for Skin Tones and TOP 5 Lipstick Colors suitable for All Skin Tones

How can you determine your skin tone? What lipstick color suits your skin tone? These are questions that concern many girls and women all over the world. And that’s why Lipstick Br did this article, we wanted to give you a lipstick guide for skin tones and lipstick colors that can work with every skin tone. First of all, we want you to understand your skin tone and how to determine your skin tone so that you can easily choose the most suitable lipstick color. Get started now!

Skin Tone Basics

The skin tones of each region are different due to many factors. In addition, it also depends on each person’s skin type whether there is a lot of melanoma or not, or the color of the skin is also easily changed by how you take care of it and how you want it. Skin tone is the color of the skin that we can easily identify with the naked eye through the outer skin color of each person.

Skin tone can change over time, but Undertone does not, and Undertone is really what you need to pay attention to when choosing the right clothes and makeup colors for you. Undertone is the pigment of the skin, the layer of color that lies under the skin and is often more difficult to recognize than Skin tone. Undertone is divided into 3 typical types: warm, cool, and neutral. To distinguish it, you can refer to the following ways to determine what your undertone is.

1. Look at the reaction of the skin in direct sunlight

  • If your skin turns red after exposure to the sun, you have a cool undertone.
  • If your skin becomes heavily tanned, turning a darker tone when exposed to sunlight, you have a warm undertone.
  • If your skin is only slightly tanned and occasionally reddens after exposure to the sun, you have a neutral undertone.

2. See the color of blood vessels at the wrist in natural light

This is the most common and commonly used way of defining Undertone. The skin on the wrist is one of the thinnest skin on the body and the blood vessels can be seen most clearly, so you will easily recognize the color of the blood vessels.

  • If your blood vessels are green, you have a warm undertone.
  • If your veins are blue/purple, you have a cool undertone.
  • If your blood vessels are both green and blue/purple, you have a neutral undertone.

3. Try on colored jewelry

  • If you are good with silver jewelry, the jewelry you wear does not tarnish and shine, then you have a cool skin tone.
  • If you prefer gold jewelry, you have a warm skin tone and it usually looks better on your skin.
  • In case you wear both gold and silver, you have a neutral skin tone.

4. Based on the color of the clothes

When choosing what to wear, the color of the outfit is an important thing you need to consider for your skin tone. A beautiful dress and when it is put on the mannequin makes everything perfect, but you are not. The reason is that your skin does not match the color of this dress and it may also be due to your appearance.

  • If your skin suits cool, deep and light colors like blue, purple, gray, etc., then you have a cool skin tone.
  • If you match warm, vibrant colors like red, yellow, orange, neon, etc., then you have a warm skin tone.
  • If you match clothes with both cool and warm colors, you have a neutral skin tone.

Lipstick Guide for Skin Tones

Skin tone is often more noticed by women when choosing clothes, shoes or makeup. And it is important that the lipstick color you choose is the highlight of your face and skin. Check out our Lipstick Guide for Skin Tones below:

Cool skin tone

For cool skin tones, bright colors are the best choice, you don’t have to use bold colors to stand out. Pale pink and nude shades are both very suitable for this skin tone. If you like your face to look glamorous, choose light brown shades.

Neutral skin tone

For neutral skin tones, colors like passionate red or orange tones work well. With pink, you can choose gentle pink tones, not too dark. Purple colors should be avoided because this color is difficult to use on your skin.

Warm skin tone

For a tan, deep pink and dark red will make you look sexier. However, do not choose colors that are too dark as they can make you look like a sick person.

For a dark skin tone, shades like deep red, chocolate brown and dark pink are perfect. If you will choose shades that are much lighter than your skin tone, you will create an unnatural look.

TOP 5 Lipstick Colors suitable for All Skin Tones

1. Red orange

Red orange

Red-orange lipstick is considered a lipstick color suitable for all skin types, from light to dark skin. If light-skinned women use it, it will make the skin look brighter, while dark skin will make the face not dull and lack of attraction. Red-orange lipstick is a harmonious blend of bright red and bright orange, bringing a youthful and radiant look to the face.

Nars Lipstick in Heatwave

2. Red-based browns

Red-based browns

Red-brown lipstick is a harmonious combination between haughty red lipstick and warm brown color, helping the face to exude radiance but equally classic and attractive. Brown red lipstick is a lipstick color that is suitable for all skin tones, helps to thoroughly respect the skin, while helping to brighten the skin and help the dark skin not be dark and unattractive.

However, red-brown lipstick can make the face look a bit older if the brown color is too much. So, please consider to choose for yourself a really suitable red-brown lipstick shade.

Chanel Rouge Coco in Etienne

3. Brown orange

Brown Orange

Brown-orange is the perfect blend of orange and brown tones to create one of the most classic lipstick colors that suit all skin tones. Brown orange is also the key to the most popular makeup trend today. If you want to have a look that is both attractive and trendy, do not ignore this lipstick color.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Orange-Gina

4. Coral orange

Coral orange

Coral lipstick has such a special name because it reminds me of the extremely attractive colors of freshly baked cakes from the oven. Just enough red to accentuate the haughty look, just enough orange to keep the lips vibrant, still warm enough by emphasizing brown tones. That’s what coral orange lipstick gives you.

NARS Lipstick in Barbarella

5. Brown pink

Brown pink

If the bright pink lipstick is too dazzling, the nude pink lipstick is a bit pale, then the brownish pink is the perfect balance for every girl to use. Pink brown is also the lipstick color that meets the MLBB (My lips but better) standard, which is both natural and gentle, but still helps to “raise the spirit” in an excellent way.

Nars Lipstick in Cruising


Above is a little knowledge about Skin tone to help you accurately determine your skin tone. Besides, we provide Lipstick Guide for Skin Tones and Top 5 Lipstick Colors suitable for All Skin Tones. Through this article, we hope to convey good things to you and help you become more beautiful the way you want to be.

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