6 Tips About How To Use Up Lipstick

Although lipsticks have a lot of uses in beauty, they also have a certain shelf life. If you have a few old lipsticks but are looking for ways to use them, don’t miss this article. 6 Tips About How To Use Up Lipstick will help you recycle the best old lipsticks.

How long is the shelf life of the lipstick?

There are three main types of lipsticks on the market today. These are liquid lipsticks (tints), cream lipsticks, and lipsticks. Each lipstick texture has different functions, advantages and disadvantages, and shelf life.

So how long is the usual shelf life of these 3 lipsticks? Knowing this knowledge, the way to identify expired lipstick will be much easier. This is also the first information in 6 Tips About How To Use Up Lipstick.

The expiration date of lip gloss

Liquid lipstick, also known as tint, has a light liquid texture with high adhesion. This is a lipstick that many girls love because they can comfortably eat and drink all day without fear of fading or smearing. Not only that, liquid lipstick often has a gentle fragrance and bright, eye-catching colors.


However, because of the extremely good color adhesion, when using a liquid lipstick, women only use it on the inside of the lips instead of the full lips. If you use full lips, the lips will dry very quickly and cause discomfort.

When using tint lipstick, it’s still best to use a lip balm underneath or combine it with a new lipstick to fill the bottom lip to create softness for the lips.
The shelf life of the lipstick is also not long, only 10-12 months from the date of opening the lid. So, when deciding to use a lip balm thoroughly to avoid waste.

The expiry date of the cream lipstick

Many girls can’t tell the difference between cream and liquid lipsticks because they look so similar. However, cream lipstick has a much thicker texture than a liquid lipstick. The adhesion of the lipstick is also high, and the color on the lips is standard, soft, and smooth.


Because the stickiness is not equal to that of water-based lipsticks, cream lipsticks are less likely to cause dry lips. However, she can still comfortably live for a few hours without losing lipstick.

The shelf life of the lipstick is 12 months from the date of opening. Once the cap is opened, the air will enter and cause the lipstick to oxidize, and change color, the texture becomes dark and dense, and the lipstick color is not as standard as it was at first.

The expiry date of the lipstick

Almost every woman has lipstick in her bag. Lipstick has the advantage of having a beautiful, bold color, and good adhesion, but does not make the lips dry. She can eat and drink many times and reapply lipstick very easily.


However, matte lipsticks without balm will also cause dry lips. So, you can use lip balm as a base and matte lipstick. Or choose lipsticks that contain lip balms inside. A lipstick can last up to 2 years if stored well and properly. Because the lipstick is in a solid state, the oxidation will take place much slower than the two textures of cream and liquid lipstick.

6 Tips About How To Use Up Lipstick

Use old lipstick as tinted lip balm

Recycling expired lipstick to make tinted lip balm is a very quick, simple, and effective way to do it. That’s 1 of 6 Tips About How To Use Up Lipstick. There are many lipsticks, although expired, but have not been opened or have only been used 1-2 times and have been discarded because the owner is not satisfied with their color.


So please combine her with vaseline or a little carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, …) by melting lipstick and mixing well. Pour the mixture into the jar and let it cool, you have yourself a colored handmade lip balm.

Instead of having to spend money to buy a new jar of lip balm, you can completely rest assured to use your handmade products with the same quality as moisturizing your lips and helping to color them naturally.

Use old lipstick as blush or eyeshadow

Similar to how to recycle expired lipstick, you melt lipstick with a carrier oil or vaseline and pour it into a jar. Depending on the amount of lipstick and the amount of oil you use, there will be different liquid or thick products. So you have your cream blush product.


After applying foundation or sunscreen, use your fingertips to take some expired lipstick and apply it to your cheekbones, ensuring your face will be as natural as it is when made up with professional products.

This method also applies to the eye area, but be sure to use your ring finger to limit wrinkles on the skin because this is the finger with the weakest force. With this method, please prioritize lipstick colors such as coral pink, peach orange, bright orange, etc. to create a natural and pretty blush effect for your face.

Use old lipstick to cover dark circles

You may not know, the red or orange color in expired lipstick will help cover up ugly dull dark circles extremely effectively. The reason is that they help neutralize the color of dark circles, thereby helping to reduce the dark color significantly.

The method is also extremely simple, use your ring finger to take a little lipstick under the eyes into a small triangle. Use a cotton ball or your fingers to blend until the color is evenly absorbed into the skin.

Then you use a little light foundation to spread on top, look in the mirror, and you have seen that the dark circles have magically disappeared. This is also a special way to use old lipstick in 6 Tips About How To Use Up Lipstick.

Use old lipstick to test the new lipstick color

Want to buy a new lipstick color but don’t know if it suits you? Or you simply think of a good lipstick color combination but haven’t tried it yet because you regret having to “break” the lipstick you are still using. So why don’t you immediately take advantage of your old, expired lipstick to test?

Feel free to cut the lipstick, melt it and mix the colors to your liking, maybe you will discover a cool lipstick color for yourself. However, always remember that your expired lipstick must not be subject to phenomena such as watery, or moldy … so as not to harm your health.

Use old lipstick to clean metal utensils

If your lipstick is broken and cannot be recycled into a beauty product, don’t worry, because you can use expired lipstick to clean stains on household items, especially metal ones. If you already know how to clean rings and bracelets with toothpaste then you will find the same effect when using lipstick to clean your ring.


It only takes a little time to have shiny jewelry again shiny like new. Or your nightstand is dull or a bit rusty, … all can be solved by applying a little expired lipstick and wiping it with a soft cloth.

Use old lipstick as a marker in sewing

Sewing at home with items is a hobby of many girls, but you do not always have pastels available to mark. So why don’t you immediately take advantage of your expired lipstick to do this? It’s just as effective as professional highlighters and doesn’t even cost money to buy.

This can also apply when you make other handmade products such as making cards, making pictures for home decoration. This is also the last tip in 6 Tips About How To Use Up Lipstick.

Hopefully, the tips on recycling expired lipstick in 6 Tips About How To Use Up Lipstick, it has helped you to know some more information to use your old lipstick, both avoiding waste and contributing to environmental protection.


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