Top 5 Beautiful Shades Of Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones

Instructions on how to choose Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones, and brighten the skin more prominently for confident, energetic girls. When you have dark skin, it helps you look active and healthy. However, if you do not know how to choose the right lipstick color, it will be easy to overdo it and darken the face. With the Top 5 most beautiful Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones below, you don’t have to wonder which lipstick color suits your skin! Let’s explore with our team!

Top 5 Beautiful Shades Of Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones

1. Deep-color lipstick

Those of you with dark skin color should choose for yourself lipstick colors with deep tones, darker than your skin tone, don’t worry it will darken your skin, but on the contrary, these lipstick colors will help your face you look brighter and more attractive.

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones such as ripe plum, berry red, brick red, wine red, etc. will be very suitable for you. On days of important events, dinner parties need to stand out, the red and brown colors will help you become the focus of the party. The warm-tone lipsticks will bring a personality and attractive look to you, instead of using the usual classic lipstick colors.

The brands with deep-toned lipsticks that are most loved by beauty believers are Chanel Rouge Allure 247, 3CE Smoked Rose, Maybelline 695, etc.

2. Orange lipstick

Any girl should have orange lipstick whether she has white skin or dark skin because orange lipstick color is suitable for all skin tones and skin tones, just cleverly choose and you will have orange lipstick. Fashion helps to enhance skin tone and facial contours. Orange always brings youthfulness and dynamism, especially in the summer, almost all orange lipstick colors will take the throne and be very popular.

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones

Of course, it is not possible to choose an orange color that the orange color takes up all of the because it will make the face blurred because the Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones is too bright, or the milky orange colors, although when you swatch the color or look at the company’s advertising images, you will see a lot. Pretty. But in fact, these colors are not suitable for dark skin at all. Dark-skinned people should look for orange tones with a red and brown tint.

Orange-red colors such as Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in 06 Flame and 15 Wild Ginger, YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats in #201 Orange Image, SHU Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte in #570, etc., brown-orange colors are also available. many colors suitable for dark skin such as Agapan Matte Lipstick No. 7, Espoir Lipstick Noear Modest, Mac Matte Velvet Teddy, etc. are all red-orange colors that help highlight dark skin very well.

3. Red lipstick

Red is a trendy, seductive lipstick color, suitable for all situations, and a traditional lipstick color for women. Over the centuries, women all over the world have been looking for arrogant and attractive red lipstick. Therefore, any girl should have red lipstick for herself, no matter the situation or outfit, red lipstick is always a “definitely beautiful” choice.

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones

For dark skin, red lipstick helps to make the skin color more even, and balance the dark skin tone. Red lipstick colors that might work for you are Ruby Woo red by Mac, Charlotte Tilbury in Red Carpet Red, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Grand Cru, and more.

4. Nude lipstick

Nude colors are red, pink, orange, … mixed with white. Previously, nude tones were only popular in European and American countries, but recently the popularity of European and American makeup has contributed. creating nude lipstick fashion in Asian countries.

Nude lipstick color is a very gentle, elegant, moderate color, giving the effect of thick, glossy, sexy lips, so it is very popular with makeup enthusiasts. Nude lipstick colors will look best when you combine them with bold, sharp eye makeup, neutral cheek colors and just cleverly choosing a more suitable nude lipstick color then you look as hot as Kylie Jenner.

Currently, on the market, both European American or Korean cosmetic brands have invested a lot in the creation of nude lipstick collections, especially European and American cosmetic brands, and Maybelline has also recently released a set of cosmetics. collection of nude lipsticks to satisfy the sisters, or Kylie Jenner, who is always at the forefront of the trend of dark eyes and deep lips, has also launched a Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones collection with her name and sold out on every website enough to see the trend. How popular are women’s nude lipsticks?

The most beautiful nude lipstick colors are NYX Stockholm, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution – Very Victoria, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution – Birkin Brown, Louboutin Velvet Matte Lipstick – Just Nothing, M.A.C Matte Lipstick – Whirl,…

5. Dark skin should avoid pink tones

Pink lipstick is a rather picky color, and skin tone, even white girls always have to be shy when choosing pink lipstick. Because pink, if you don’t know how to use it, it will easily make your skin pale and dark, not to mention if you don’t know how to combine it with clothes, you will look quite cakey and cheesy.

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones

But if you have dark skin and love pink, there are still options for you, pink and brown lipstick colors, a little browner, will still be suitable for you. However, the eye makeup should be a bit more sophisticated, which will help the lipstick color to be beautiful and suitable for the face.

The brown pink lipstick colors that you can try such as Espoir in Hidden Sensual, Mac Runway Hit,…


Are there any dark-skinned friends who are sometimes jealous of white girls who choose beautiful lipstick colors and beautiful clothes? But don’t worry, dark skin still has a lot of choices about lipstick colors, lipstick tones that ensure dark or white skin is still beautiful and radiant. We hope our information is useful for you!

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