Top 5 Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin Worth Buying Of 2023

Girls with white skin easily combine with many lipstick colors or hair colors, but with darker-skinned girls a little less fortunate, it is necessary to choose the Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin because there are many different lipstick colors for dark skin. If she knows how to choose a Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin, she will become as beautiful and attractive as white girls. Today, we would like to tell you the Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin that are suitable for dark skin, dark-skinned girls must not miss it. What color lipstick should dark skin use? Suggest 5 Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin, you must try them right away

Top 5 Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin Worth Buying Of 2023

1. Peach lipstick for dark skin

Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin

The peach color is a neutral color that is not too faint and does not bring bright colors that dazzle the opposite person. Peach pink gives girls a youthful, sweet, and charming look. In particular, the peach-pink tone helps the girls’ “honey cake” skin become brighter and more radiant. This is the Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin should choose right away.

2. Warm deep tones like wine red, brown, and dark brown

Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin

Lipsticks with warm tones such as berry red, wine red, brown, dark brown, caramel, honey, etc. are suitable for dark-skinned girls. These tones are quite similar to skin color but do not make you old but are very luxurious, and attractive and add charm to your juicy lips.

3. For Dark skin should choose bronze brown

Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin

These are tones that are quite similar to the skin color of dark-skinned girls, so they will be extremely suitable. If deep brown and earthy orange bring a little lightness and nostalgia while still retaining the natural features, copper brown makes the girls become attractive and extremely personality. Depending on the situation of going out or going to a party, you can choose the right color tone for you.

4. Nude tones

Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin

When it comes to Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin, nude tones cannot be ignored. Nude lipstick color helps girls become seductive, sophisticated, and extremely luxurious. Nude lipstick is a type of lipstick that is not picky about skin, whether it is honey cake or bright white skin, it can still be used without losing the natural look and harmony between lipstick color and skin color. Dark-skinned girls can choose gentle nude lipstick colors to create a feeling of full and attractive lips.

5. Medium orange, red lipstick for dark skin

Girls with dark skin should pocket themselves lipstick with orange-red or medium red color. These Must Have Lipsticks For Brown Skin are not too vibrant, which will help balance out the skin tone.

The lipstick colors that dark-skinned girls should absolutely avoid

In order not to make mistakes when makeup makes you less beautiful, below we would like to tell you which lipstick colors are not suitable for dark skin that you should stay away from.

1. Tone color is too bright (neon) Neon lipstick colors look so fresh and youthful, but these colors are often very easy to “counterattack” and accidentally make your skin even darker, with her Dark skin, when using these lipsticks, will “sink” the skin more.

2. Pink (light) lipstick will give you sweetness and femininity and tenderness, but not every pink color is suitable for your dark skin. Dark skin with light pink lipstick when combined together will be extremely inconsistent, you know?

3. Fresh orange is extremely youthful, dynamic, and personality… but unfortunately, bright orange lipstick is not for dark-skinned girls. The light shade of orange will accentuate dark skin even more, which is definitely not what you want.

3 lipsticks ‘save’ for dark-skinned girls

1. 3CE Mood Recipe 2017 – Color 220 Hit Me Up (Orange tones)

Trying to find yourself a trendy earthy orange lipstick, you won’t be able to miss the Hit Me Up color of the 3CE Mood Recipe version 2017. The warm earthy orange color is always a perfect choice for skinny girls. dark, you will definitely stand out.

2. NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick – 12 Exotic Color (Deep Brown Pink Tone)

Color number 12 Exotic is likened to the “pink ball” of NYX Lingerie, easily combined with many different makeup styles, or naturally beautiful when standing alone. The lipstick is matte but not heavy on the lips, and with 1 to 2 layers, the lipstick is still very even, and the drying time is also very moderate, not too fast or too slow. The lipstick color when dry will be darker than the lipstick just applied to the lips, so the deep brown tone will suit girls with “honey cake” skin.

3. Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet – color 09

It is a line of matte lipstick that is very popular with young people thanks to its ability to stick to colors and is very easy to combine. This wine red (09) is especially suitable for dark-skinned and personality girls. You can wear lipstick or full lips are very beautiful.


Above are 5 lipstick colors suitable for dark skin that girls should not miss. Choose a suitable lipstick to help your lips become more beautiful and attractive. If you want to improve your skin tone, you can apply skin whitening treatments from natural ingredients or use skin whitening creams that are being sold in the market.

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